The Division


When you going to be on? I intend to deliver some tasty italian pasta bites to my tummy for lunch then commence with some Tunnel Challenging GEC farming hot PUBBER action…


Shouldn’t be too long, tbh! :slight_smile: Got a couple of things to do and get out of my sulk. :triumph:


UPlay has many offers on at the mo, including Division season passes. Only on for another day and a bit… Under the “12 days” tab.


Maybe on this evening… will need rescuing from DZ


Mic - waste of time when the GE event finishes tomorrow. Do DZ after tomorrow. DZ won’t change. Open world will.


Pants - I will need rescuing… I left still in the DZ.

Can’t get on tonite, ghoping for tomorrow


I’ll be on tomorrow miccle, I’ll help you escape the DZ :slight_smile:

We can derp our way out!


Managed to get out but would be willing to have a few missions in there (after GE ends)


I’ve started doing named boss runs in there and some short forays for Division Tech, I also finish work today! (In two hours!!!)


Oooooooooooo - soz, Mic - didn’t realise that you were “stuck” there!


Al, I finished work now until 4th… I am now sat nicely in front of my pc… Firing up Division imminently.


FEKIN CRASHES!!! :triumph:


I am hopefully for tonight, tomorrow day time and some of Thursday!


This thread needs to be renamed to the division chat thread or something like that as I’m pretty sure that the free weekend is up now :slight_smile: :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



more words in yer ass


Thread rename complete. We aim to please.



Holy shit that ties in so well with a screenshot I took whilst playing a certain U Play game…


I tried Stolen Signal Incursion on Hard by myself… epic fail - could not get past the first rescue - just way too many of them - the 2nd beast of a machine gunner wrecked my attempt every time


Might be about in a few hours maybe with @Kate if you fancy another crack - @Leepants, you up for a go?