The Division


Cheers @vredesbyrd I will try but I have to go back to work tomorrow :frowning: and I am not sure the wife will be happy if I disappear to game…


I should be about a bit alter today.

I recommend visiting the rewards vendor - I picked up a couple of crates I didn’t know I had. Also, 5 free cypher keys which can be exchanged downstairs at the “vanity” rewards bloke for festive gear, vanity stuff only, no actual use.

Also, to get Div Tech, if you have a blueprint for an exotic, make a LOT of the item, as dismantling an exotic gives you DT. Can then use it at the Optimisation Station to upgrade yer kit. :wink:

Not a hack, COULD be classed as an exploit, though…


“I do think we are much closer today, especially after [Update] 1.8, to the game that we wanted to create, and also to the game that gamers were expecting at launch already."


Something my dumb ass didn’t realise - with the Gearset items (the ones with the little folders in the icons) you can re-roll 2 attributes! :smiley:


KINELL! Just got a Barretts vest (but not a great one - needs upgrading) as a bonus item in a field proficiency cache! :heart_eyes::grinning::sunglasses:


Also, via youtube, found a map of Div Tech in the DZ along with a route :slight_smile:

EDIT:- I not tried it yet, though.


can’t watch it :frowning:


Next Global Event is on this week - Tuesday kick off, I think.


New Global Event details;


Me and Kate are going to pop on for a jaunt later.


I might join you.


Change of plan, popping on now!


Having had a 10 mionute run about (boss farm run), the “added” bit of the event is called Ambusher - get extra hit points (from landing a shot) when static. Suits me an absolute treat as I’m just so un-twitchy. :slight_smile:

Not tried any of the Missions yet…


Another “top tip” - don’t sell any guns - dismantle. Convert non gold stuff to gold weapon parts, then go to “crafting bench / vendor” and have a look at blueprints - you should have a blueprint for an exotic pistol (the name escapes me). Craft as many as possible with the gold weapon parts - it takes 5 weapon parts and one tools. Once crafted, dismantle. For every one dismantled you get weapon parts back but crucially gold Division Tech. Then use this at the Optimisation Station to optimise your Gearsets / weapons, essentially, can turn a 284 score thing into 290+.

Div Tech is hard to come by (DZ is best) so this is a good thing. I didn’t think of this myself - I think a ZiiPster may have told me about it, or I found it on YouTube…

Also, align gloves and kneepads attributes to weapon, as the gains are big - 12%+ to damage with a weapon group, e.g. SMG / Asssault rifle. to ensure max damage with one set. Build a set around weapon type, also where poss, crit chance and damage, damage to elites and health.

Also, no need to go above 125k electronics, as it’s the ceiling (I can’t remember why, though! - YouTube perhaps by MarcoStyle), so again, weigh in to your build(s) and save as a loadout.


On some targets I’ve been pumping out 992k headshots!!!



I have no empirical evidence, but I believe it’s also working for skills, so seeker mines and turret too :wink:

EDIT:- Also, GE credits are gained from Boss farming in Open World. :wink:

EDIT2:- You know what, it’s SO hard hitting, I’d be happy to try an Incursion. The BIG Boss at bottom left (machine gunner that throws grenades) was melted with one mag from AR, without Damage to Elites mods on it…


Yeah, did a boss run with kate and it took half the normal time to get through it, most of it was spent travelling since everything ended up turned to goo seconds after we opened up.

Did some missions with @NaloaC and the new buff with his LMG is absolute insanity - three LMB spawned next to us on a container and jumped off at the same time, they were a puddle before they hit the floor. Not to mention the shotty…

Also, have you noticed they’ve pulled the GE credits right back? Last GE there was more than one mission with higher than 125GE reward but this time around 4/5 are 125GE on basic and only the incursion has a decent drop. I know you can boost the credit drop by increasing the difficulty and adding those extra modifiers, but even then you are getting nothing like what we pulled on the missions from the last GE.

Another thing is the mission modifiers - you obviously have the DMG boost active as standard, but if I read it right the second modifier starts reducing your health as soon as you move and the buff wears off and the hardest modifier reduces your health AND your damage over time once the buff wears off - is this right pnats?

I’ve not switched them on in the two missions Naloac and I did because that sounds harsh as fuck for such a low credit buff (hardest modifier was only a 75 credit boost).

No mask drops yet.


Haven’t done any missions as yet (juggling home shizzle) so I can’t comment. Give me 20 minsa as I’m about to embark!!

NO idea on GE rewards - perhaps there’s been a “balance” between open world and missions, as I seem to have done ok on a boss farm map run. I haven’t had chance / time (wanna farm those GE credits and pc time is diametrically opposed to sleep) to search for comment on reward values in this GE. TBH, I DGAF, SOME GE rewards is better than none, which was yesterdays’ mode, and also Classified drops, once available CAN drop from anywhere / anyone - just the drop rates vary.

I haven’t looked enough (again) at a second modifier (TBH, diodn’t realise there was one!) so again, can’t comment. GJ at highlighting that, though - gives me something (else!) to try to realise. :grinning:


I’m a twat with this though, it really irritates me that I felt the last GE was a grind to get the crates which means this GE is going to be several levels grindier.

I’ll have a pop on an Incursion like you mention with anyone who fancies and see if its ‘runable’ and worth it for the significantly higher reward.

I know what you’re saying about the boss run, but the timer between runs and the difficulty ramp up for the DZ named bosses really limits how much GEC grinding you can do.


Aye, I get you. Risk / reward.

BUT! Balance for all. Like Div Tech / DZ. I can’t say waht overall income on Boss map was, but it “felt” more. Time vs income is another, but intimately linked mechanic. I did a boss round because I played teh game and thats my default!! :joy:

I don’t like DZ stuffs, cos of ganking, but I hear you. As a foursome, we are high risk, so unless its an organised “ganker group” we be safe in numbers. Also, now the event is on, rewards from ganking vs “exciting event thing” will be lower, so I’d be happy to do some DZ stuff as a team.

TBH, I’m absolutely crying out for gold div tech to get optimising kit (benefits are crazy in ALL aspects) and I’ve found a couple of “routes” for time vs DT gain.

You know I’m not a “super grinder” - but I am a fan of efficiency, so I’m more than grateful of you digging about and / or commenting your experiences - fankoooooooooooooooooo! :heart_eyes:

EDIT:- now, about to try a Mission, I get the “health goes when buff goes” thing. I not tried it yet, but I suspect it can’t be hard to re-invigorate the buff - in my simple mind it goes “STAND FEKIN STILL” , which takes me back to old job, rehearsals for Rememberance Parade!! :rofl::rofl:

So, cover, shoot. If move, cover, still. Buff re-happens on stillness, I assume.

EDIT:- Just done a mission, I think on hard, “hardest event setting”… Not difficult. Solo. Defo go for bottom (hardest) level of event difficulty, as if solo, there is no consequence as the penalty is about team mate thing.