The Expanse


Just caught up with season 2.

Even though I knew the second series ended before the end of the first book, I’m still disappointed we didn’t get to see what exactly the Protomolecule is doing on Venus because - if they follow the book - it’s so fooking cool and takes the whole thing off in a properly off the rails direction making everything happening in the system completely pointless.

Also - did everyone else spot the guest star in the final episode? Adam Savage from Myth Busters for those who didn’t recognise him .

Cannot wait for March for season 3.


Have not read the books. The series is good. Finished season 2 a while back.Seen Savage there! He was doing some stuff on his youtube channel looking at the effects stuff they had.


Season 3 starts on April 11th :slight_smile:


Ooo - I’d forgotten about this one. Enjoyed the first couple of episodes but got distracted…will come back to it after I watch season 2 of Preacher…


Awesome. Cant wait. I love this show.


Season 3 premier 3am tonight; gonna watch the end of season 2 again in the meantime i think.


Awesome. Cant wait. I love this show.



3am on what? Don’t see it on SYFY…


On the internet…

feel free to laugh at whatever you think the shittier of my current TV shows are :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m afraid to ask what “Cunk on Britain” is…


Let me reiterate. Where on the internet are you getting that TV show from? btw. Bob’s burgers sounds dangerous.


I’m gonna wait for the season to be finished and then binge the fuck out of it. I hate waiting for episodes. I do the same with The Last Ship.


philomena cunk is a charlie brooker character from way back (along with barry shitpeas) that he added into screenwipe played by diane morgan (i think), and who’s gotten their own series.

Bob’s burgers is an animated sitcom, a little like the simpsons, but it’s not gotten old yet, and i like a lot of the cast (kristen schaal, eugene mirman, john ‘sterling archer’ benjamin, dan mintz, kevin kline, the silverman sisters, aziz ansari, the guy that does lyn’s voice).

i’d recommend either show if you like that sort of thing.



Let’s hope that Netflix or someone else picks up the rights to it. SyFy, you dumb shits.


damn, and syfy have been on a pretty good run of making things that are worth watching recently. I’d guess it’s one of their higher budget shows though :confused:


I cannot believe they’re Fireflying The Expanse.

Netflix or Amazon need to get in on this and pick it up. $5-$10mil an episode is massive but I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT stamps feet


to be fair, it’s had 3 full seasons, firefly didn’t even get to finish airing the filmed episodes and was cancelled mid-production :confused:

anyone remember space above and beyond? that could’ve lasted too.


But didn’t they at least wrap that up with half the cast being killed in the final episode?


God I loved Space Above and Beyond.

Damned Chigs.


Wow…forgot all about that. Loved that series