The Great Covid-19 Restriction Rules Relaxation Sweepstake!

Free to enter.


  • To enter - Pick a date when the government officially relaxes current restrictions.
  • Specifics: The date of relaxation will be the day that it is announced that Schools are to be reopened (the day it is announced, not the day they are…).
  • Prize: I’ll buy any game from to a value of £40 for the winner
  • One entry per person
  • Nearest date will be the winner. In event of draw, price will be split.
  • Date chosen on first-come-first-served. One date per person.
  • Judges decision is final (Jester)
  • No closing date. However, entries made within 5 days of relaxation announcement will be voided.
  • Everyone is allowed to play, including pubbers that sign up to the forum, as well as Grey Wolves.


---------- Entries ---------
Angel - May 15th
Zorndar - May 17th
Buggsy - May 20th
MagicalTrev - May 22nd
Hammy - May 27th

Scotty - June 2nd
MicJules - June 4th
Pip - June 8th
BlackRaven - June 11th
N0tch - June 15th
Ronin - June 16th

Stookz - July 3rd

Frog - August 17th
Rogue - August 24th
Kiwi - August 31st

Reno - October 5th


My guess is the day schools in the UK open after a normal summer holiday, is that the 2nd of September 2020?

Fine then, June 16th :slight_smile:

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Wednesday 19th August in Scotland is school term start. But I guess we should go buy UK Gov announcment. In which case Im opting for Tuesday 2nd of June.

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You will notice guys that I did say the day it is announced and not the day the term starts…

I should add, this applies to Westminster and not any other parliament.

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I’m gonna go for Monday 24th August.

June 15th.

May the 27th

June 11th 2020

Prize update: I have had someone (awesome) offer to double the prize - so it is now £40 rather than £20!

So surely well worth a guess… :grin:

@blackscorpion @reddragon


July 3rd… Probably… Probably not

May 15th… one can hope…

June 8th…maybe

Can I guess twice? Once Italy and once UK :stuck_out_tongue:

Italy - extension until May, so work start again on 4th of May
UK - work starts again on May 17th

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gonna long ball it 5th of october

omg @Reno - that’d be horrendous lol.

20th May because I’d rather guess than find my calendar


Loving the fact none of you think this is going to be over before my birthday :stuck_out_tongue: Boooo.

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My birthday was the 26th of March I’m yet to get a present haha

Ahhhh but my guess has it ending just before my birthday.

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17 August is my guess

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