The "Interesting things selling on Fox Sake Games" Thread

As most of you should know now, Fox Sake Games is my latest venture - working mainly on eBay and sells 2nd hand stuff to help UK Wildlife Charities and Hospitals.

As I list things up that come my way that are a bit interesting to the norm, I’ll throw them in this thread - just in case anyone here is interested:

First up:

Street Fighter II 2 Manga Capcom comics All Volumes 1-16 Sep '94 until Feb '96 (


Got a Force Feedback Wheel, Logitech Driving Force EX - Works with PS2, PS3 and PC. I need to test it, but if its ok, is there anyone interested here before I whack it on ebay?

It’s boxed with pedals and power supply. Looks in good condition - £20 + P&P

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Hmmm defo could be interested in this if its working. Had been saying to @n0tch wouldnt mind getting a driving set up for some VR driving stuff.


This was a bit of a find:

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Gamecube - With Manual - VGC - Free P&P | eBay

I feel like the first post is targeting me :smiley: . Too bad I was never into the SF comics, only the artbooks.

That one picture though of the backside shows the old Appleseed manga from the mid 80s? I own the rerun, as its by the same guy as GitS. If you get your hands on that in mint to reasonable conditions, it would be worth at least 30-50Euros. For one :wink: .

Keep me updated, I’m looking for Fighting games for my PS3 especially.


Given it a quick test on Forza Horizon 4 - if it works on that, being a latest game, it’ll work on anything.

and I’m happy to say, it’s great. You will need to setup all the buttons - but doesn’t take 5-10 minutes. I’ve tested it in windows controller setup and there are no jitters and everything works. pedals are accurate and register to their full extent.

Only thing I will say - and this is the same for my wheel - is you have to run it on a USB 2 port, not USB 3 - Don’t know why, but it send the FF crazy on certain button presses otherwise.

PM my your address matey and I’ll get it over to you on my next post run. :slight_smile:

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Ok Guys, I’ve got a boxed Wii U in white.

I’ve just tested it, and its working well. Probably looking for about £60 + P&P for it. Let me know if there is any interest and I’ll get some photos up.

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Had a broken Dreamcast. Now have a working Dreamcast. Nothing a fuse, capacitor and some isopropyl couldn’t fix…

Will be up for sale soon unless anyone here interested.


I may have one or two copies of FIFA in…

FIFA 2001 - 2019 | PS2 - PS3 - PS4 - XBOX 360 - XBOX ONE | FREE P&P | eBay


Sold 7 FIFA today! - Crazy :slight_smile:

Also, got this in yesterday, should you be loving your submarine games…

Silent Hunter 4 Limited Collectors Edition - COA 1322 of 3000 - Near Mint | eBay


Question for @Reno when he’s next on as he’ll probably know:

Did GAME ever have a policy of ruining game boxes/sleeves/manuals by placing near impossible to remove stickers on them when they were traded in? I’m guessing they did to know if a game had been previously traded.

Starting to annoy me now - I don’t think GAME is the worst offender… CEX and GameStation seem to be… using superglue on stickers that they whack on manuals… that otherwise would be in perfect mint condition.


Love things like this… proper old skool. Used to have a similar program called Acidwarp that I projected from my CRT monitor using a lens and a bin bag.

This actually has its floppy with it. Pretty rare. Weirdly, the website domain for it is now owned by a science labs that sells test equipment.

Gonna do some more research before I list it - may need to find a 486 and a floppy drive…


We only ever put them on the case on on the paper sleeve the glue wasn’t to bad on the stickers we had ( was cheap)

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Got this in: Bit sad to sell it actually as Richard Trevithick is one of my industrial heroes. Many think that Stevenson’s Rocket was the first train - but actually Trevithick was well ahead when it came to high pressure steam. Engine actually worked perfectly - but the rails, which were cast iron at the time buckled and broke and thus made it impractical.

Airfix A05871 Richard Trevithick’s 1804 STEAM LOCO - Plastic Model Kit - SEALED | eBay

Great model.


Well that sold fast…


Just sent my latest charity payment… Total of £1000 now sent to wildlife charities. Needs to be more though… so must work harder…

:smiley: woop!


So, starting from nothing, 5 months in and my shelves look like this (and this doesn’t account for the other 200 games already boxed up that I’m selling as joblots)

Picking up more tomorrow. Gonna need an actual office soon…


Paid about a tenner for all these today. If you know your GameCube titles, you will know I am a very happy chappy at the moment… all mint discs too, with manuals.

Gonna be a busy weekend…

Also, @Zorndar may recognise some of these…

Bonkers that these were chucked out. Simply bonkers.


Honestly I never owned a PS (before my recent PS3 purchase) and I was a SEGA kid. That being said it is still nuts that these were thrown out, Dragon Quest, Wild Arms and Shin Megami Tensei surely ring a bell, even for a PS2 novice as myself :blush: . Fairly rare to find, you will make someone with a PS2 very happy!

Even the original Kindom Hearts. The Nintendo Stuff is nothing to sneeze at either, couple of hard hitters in there too.

Ooooo fuck, I could see SMT going quickly. Nocturne (Lucifer’s Call) was an amazing game, and has that cult fanbase thing going on

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