The "Interesting things selling on Fox Sake Games" Thread

As most of you should know now, Fox Sake Games is my latest venture - working mainly on eBay and sells 2nd hand stuff to help UK Wildlife Charities and Hospitals.

As I list things up that come my way that are a bit interesting to the norm, I’ll throw them in this thread - just in case anyone here is interested:

First up:

Street Fighter II 2 Manga Capcom comics All Volumes 1-16 Sep '94 until Feb '96 (


Got a Force Feedback Wheel, Logitech Driving Force EX - Works with PS2, PS3 and PC. I need to test it, but if its ok, is there anyone interested here before I whack it on ebay?

It’s boxed with pedals and power supply. Looks in good condition - £20 + P&P

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Hmmm defo could be interested in this if its working. Had been saying to @n0tch wouldnt mind getting a driving set up for some VR driving stuff.


This was a bit of a find:

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Gamecube - With Manual - VGC - Free P&P | eBay

I feel like the first post is targeting me :smiley: . Too bad I was never into the SF comics, only the artbooks.

That one picture though of the backside shows the old Appleseed manga from the mid 80s? I own the rerun, as its by the same guy as GitS. If you get your hands on that in mint to reasonable conditions, it would be worth at least 30-50Euros. For one :wink: .

Keep me updated, I’m looking for Fighting games for my PS3 especially.


Given it a quick test on Forza Horizon 4 - if it works on that, being a latest game, it’ll work on anything.

and I’m happy to say, it’s great. You will need to setup all the buttons - but doesn’t take 5-10 minutes. I’ve tested it in windows controller setup and there are no jitters and everything works. pedals are accurate and register to their full extent.

Only thing I will say - and this is the same for my wheel - is you have to run it on a USB 2 port, not USB 3 - Don’t know why, but it send the FF crazy on certain button presses otherwise.

PM my your address matey and I’ll get it over to you on my next post run. :slight_smile:

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Ok Guys, I’ve got a boxed Wii U in white.

I’ve just tested it, and its working well. Probably looking for about £60 + P&P for it. Let me know if there is any interest and I’ll get some photos up.

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Had a broken Dreamcast. Now have a working Dreamcast. Nothing a fuse, capacitor and some isopropyl couldn’t fix…

Will be up for sale soon unless anyone here interested.