The legend returns?

When I read this my heart made a huge jump. I used mine well into 209ish or so (before I moved to Japan). then gifted it to my father as main mouse as it just never broke, might still work :smiley:.

I would be so happy if this holds up to modern standards and would buy on. Looks like a decent sensor but not sure about the buttons.


Brilliant! Mine is still going after about 10 years but is ready to retire.

I’ve still got my G5! :smiley:


Me and Kate are rocking beaten up G500s that could do with a replacement, just in time!

Edit: having a proper look at the article, I’m not at all sure about those fore/aft buttons on the scroll wheel.

The ones on my G500 just off the left click are a little bit awkward to get to in a pinch, but the placement on this feels like its just asking for an accidental press.