The Mandalorian

Cant believe this doesn’t have its own thread (or i couldn’t find one)

Anyways, its fecking brilliant! So many little nods to the movies and baby yoda is fucking class!



Was pleasantly surprised by the show, and the behind the scenes making of it is fascinating.

If you watched clone wars you’ll have a very nice surprise in season 2

p.s It is fecking brilliant, there is no discussion!

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Loved the clone wars and that little bit in last week’s was ace!! Meant to be a recurring thing

For another really cool surprise watch the final shot of the latest episode with audio description!

Nothing much to say about this. IT’S FECKING EPIC. Loving it ever since it started. Loved IG-88

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Did anyone notice Cobb Vanth’s speeder in the 1st episode of season 2?


We spotted that too, the Marshall also had Bobba Fett’s armour as well. I thought it couldn’t possibly be the case on either count but a bit of (lazy) googling tells me it is Anakin’s pod racer nacel and Bobba’s armour - Edit: Which seems like a really obvious thing to point out, but I thought it couldn’t be possible because the last place we saw it was falling in to the Sarlac’s gullet along with Bobba. I wonder what those Jawas did to get hold of it…

Any one else get ‘Snoke-y’ vibes from those mutated things in the tanks at the research base? If anyone ends up paying a visit to Exegol, we’ll have an answer to why the Imps want babs to badly.

Think of the dragon, and where it was sleeping, in a Sarlc pit! ive been doing a lot of reading up and youtube watching with it all, and everyone seems to think that the man at the end of the 1st epsiode in season 2 is Bobba, and he got out of the Sarlc the same way Mando got out of the dragon!

Interesting fact, Bo-Katan is played by the same person who voiced her in Clone wars! Katee Sackhoff


did any one hear the holo scientist talk about the M in the Blood (if I heard it right). Are they trying to manufacture more people with the force and M being the Midi-chlorians?

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yes stooks. Well that’s what I took it as. Using the child’s blood to try and make force sensitive subjects

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Bobos armor is explaned in the ‘aftermath’ series of novels that fill in details between episode 6 and seven

I forgot about that guy!

This Link seems to support one of your thoughts @vredesbyrd

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Yeah been reading some more pages like that Hammy

Stormingly good series. I’ve only seen the first season as it got the Jack Sparrow treatment and I’m still not down on adding Disney to my list of monthly subscriptions! Although that might change when the new Marvel series hit the site…

I’ve started watching this guys break downs of the each episode. Points out a lot of little bits you may miss. Can be a bit annoying but good content

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So conflicted on the last one!! Absolutely love it but feel they got parts wrong!!

Ahsokas light sabers where wrong. One is meant to be a short dagger style one, and she held them wrong! Just didn’t feel like the Ahsoka from the clone wars. Also, he shall always been know as baby yoda

Still one of the best programs around.


I really enjoyed it. The mention of master Yoda and the subtile use the Yodas theme from empire. I like the name.

I think one saber was shorter but harder to tell. She felt very much like the Ashoka we left in Rebels though, gotta think what she has been through at this point i’ll put separate spoilers incase people haven’t seen rebels.

She thought in the galactic civil war, and found out the fate of Anikin and fought and lost in a sense to Darth Vader after confronting him on he’s fall to the darkside


I get that @Reno while, I’ve not seen rebels I’ve watched enough clips to have a good idea. Think what annoyed me more was the fighting style wasn’t close to how she has been in both clone wars and rebels. Still one of my favourite jedi

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