The "Morning!" Thread


Chilly isn’t it? Brrrrr :snowflake:


Pissing freezing here. Made for some beautiful scenes with the sun rising over foggy fields on the way in to work.


Cold here, hence why I didnt get out of bed until half 8. Yet, still in work for 9. Joys of leaving ten mins away from work


40 minute minimum drive for me :frowning:


Defo a bit on the chillier side…yet still in shorts :). The jumper has come on at work but the cycle home is still shorts and thermal top


Had to scrap the windows this morning…


No need to use a hammer to deal with the ice on car windows Miccle! I scraped the ice off mine :smiley::wink::crazy_face::snowflake::upside_down_face:


was up for 6am - was quite nice watching the ice in the morning… but fuck me was it cold.

@Hammy - I used to live next door to PC World when I worked there. Was late most days.


Well as far as am concerned it’s still shorts weather you bunch of tarts :roll_eyes:


Warmer today. #ziipweatherreport


Warmer but fucking miserable here.


Sunny here but not that warm. #ziipweatherreport


Well my shorts got wet today


Same here Buggs.

Was ok going up to school with the kids…jumped on the bike to go to work…5 sec down the road…rained all the way there. Feckers


Not so bloody smug in ya shorts now are ya?


My legs look gorgeous when glistening wet so nerrr


We’ll find out in the sauna :kissing_heart:




with a few more words


Nice use of the summary feature,


That I did not know existed


neither did Jes :joy::joy: