The "Morning!" Thread


Dear Morning,

Meet rocket artillery, I think you’ll get on:


Slightly chilly and a bit miserable. May improve later depends on pub lunch. #ziipweatherreport.


Fek my balls are cold



Just gonna leave that there…


Pfft my smugness is on par with the black Knight
Frost bite on my Bollocks


morning it is cold


should have stayed in bed


It’s not really a summary, more of an addition. I would have probably gone for:

Morning it is cold should have stayed in bed.

  1. Morning.
  2. Cold.
  3. Lazy.


Happy Friday folks…


Friday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


Missed my alarm, made it in with 3 minutes to spare!

Side note: Anyone heard or seen much from @Leepants?


He posted on fb yesterday saying he was on the big screen wot with the bling ting looking penting for the viewer box picture pop… Or something along those lines


Just spotted a post from him now as well. Cheers Buggerlugs!


Morning all. I r hungover


Good morning.
It’s cold outside. No kind of atmosphere.
We’re all alone…more or less…
Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes…
Where’s the bloody sun?


When that fat old sun in the sky is falling,
Summer evening birds are calling.
Summer’s thunder time of year,
The sound of music in my ears.
Distant bells,
New mown grass smells so sweet.

It’s gone mate, not to be seen for another 8 months.


8 months to prepare for our allotted day in the sun - prepare well, otherwise you’ll blink and miss it!


I am sorry but a new law has been introduced by the EU that the Sun is no longer part of the Brexit deal; the UK are now no longer allowed access to the Sun due to the trademark of the EU Flag and the Sun’s resemblance to said flag.

For every day the Sun comes out, the UK will be shielded from its magnificence by red tape and the unpaid Divorce Bill meaning sole rights to said yellow/coloured ball will fall under EU rule.

EU have stated that this will boost their coffers as people of the UK will pay tariffs, customs and any other charge they see fit to allow UK persons to cross its borders to see said Sun.

The EU have also stated that Ireland (the freedom of movement one) will also lose its rights to the Sun due to its proximity to said banished Kingdom but will be compensated with Potatoes and treated as a Tax Haven for Big US Corporations.

This news was brought to us by Spoon’s need to fire hot stream of [Insert Here} into Buggsy’s face.


Can’t lose what we barely have… :smiley:


my god it is wet here today


So it is -10c here this morning. Here is a pic for your enjoyment.