The "Morning!" Thread


Fuck me I do love the Finnish Winter… Boiling hot sauna and then run out the door and dive into that powder. Fucking ace.

Here’s it’s been a chilly enough start to the day and I can feel the temperature dropping quickly. The fuck-ton of rain we got yesterday is going to make the next few days lethal on the roads.

Dealing with various odds and ends here for the farm. Doing a massive clean-up of sheds and stuff over the weekend, so hired a skip for that. Trying to sort out a rather odd statement from the Department of Agriculture that has my status as “herd keeper” as expired, meaning I am not getting my Subsidy payments (which I sorely fucking need!). I should have received 70% of them already, so I’m missing about €4.5K at the moment!

Work is plenty busy too. Not enough days in the week!


I had a bit of a cold so did not do the classic dip in to snow. Also only 20cm of snow and I have experience on what happens when you jump in to that (you bleed when you do that).
So got up at 3 AM this morning, got another 20cm during the night and it was -4c. Needles to say my parents did not want to drive in that so the airport taxi came to the rescue and I was on my way again. At HEL airport at the moment only another 6 hours to wait for the flight to Dublin.


Morning arrived, not much sleep, grumpy.
Checked downloads and still have 30 minutes to wait for Vermintide to complete. Still grumpy.
Coffee, 2 weetabix with honey and milk.
Strangely sad that I’m not travelling to Ireland today.
Last night the alternator went on the car so after recovery it’s sat outside the garage waiting for the mechanic to get to work.
Today I need to sort a hire car and drive up to pick my daughter up from school.
Vermintide finished downloading before I left for work so started downloading Space Hulk: Deathwing because #dakkadakka.
Feel tired and hungover but didn’t even have the pleasure of drinking last night…at least it’s Fritag #heavysigh


Woke up confused
Put on shorts and t-shirt
Created magical health and nutrition juice aka coffee
Put on heavy ankle support plus ankle socks
Stood outside for work mate
Passenger to work so wrote poem about hanging
Currently eating a giant hotdog with a watermelon energy drink
Remembered Katie put up a picture on instagram of Caolans sauna
Starting to cry


My car door was frozen shut this morning


Today will be mostly spent looking at laptop specs, starting my christmas shopping and not doing much work…


Woke up, threw clothes on to put rubbish out
had a shower, feeling refreshed
fed the cats, washed up, kissed the wife goodbye
got dressed, sat in front of TV to catch up on NCIS and NFL Week - shit 5 minutes til 9!!
shoes, organise lunch, head for the car, arrive at work just after 9.

This is my normal morning until that changes with the new job.


Weather update

2 pairs of shorts required today
And slightly thicker ankle socks


Southern Update:

Shorts still a go but a hoodie has been applied.


Super icey everywhere here. Taxi nearly spun out a half dozen times on the way in and then we nearly ended up car number 3 in a crash on the road in to the carpark behind work. Nice big white BMW smashed to bits, back of a highhat transit van nicely minced and one of our lads took the corner a bit quick and slid off in to a tree in someones garden but was unhurt.


It’s kinda warm and sunny here!


Same here. Was out playing golf there. Lovely day


Yep lovely down here. Almost feels like summer time if I didn’t just finish putting up the rest of the Christmas lights outside the house


Hungover dying in bed my snapchats were incoherent today’s weather warm with foggy farts


SO I just switched my machine on and found my Dec release has been delayed over the weekend due to electrical works.

So no weekend work this week, but no release and I’m going to get it in the neck.

It’s quite lovely here. View from my window:


Yeah! I love the snow! Hand brakes on the way in to work! Big smile in my face!


Weather update its cold as cock


Its wet and cold here! I miss the snow


Pissing down here and we are just gonna get more wet oo-er!


What is this “snow” that I hear tell of? All we get is “rain”…