The "Morning!" Thread


The name that you can not whisper


Merry Christmas matey - hope you had a good one :slight_smile:


Happy crimble fella! :smiley:
Hope you and the family are keeping well!


Afternoon, not a bad day here, made even better that ive had a pork shoulder in the slow cooker from 10 this morning for some pulled BBQ pork later!


2 trees and a crushed mini.


Was a mad storm last night. No damage here other than our bins in the road and garden furniture being thrown over - but I bet Hinchingbrooke Park took a battering. Will find out later.


Yup was indeed, luckily the college has opened it’s gates to use, but that was only like 45mins ago. And not sure if that’s for general use or emergency vehicles only.


See even the trees know where to land. So called “mini”.


ill be up with the chainsaw in a bit :slight_smile:


You know your week is going to start well when on a Monday morning you have to write a work instruction document on how to print labels.


Answer to that is easily. :slight_smile: I can’t even count how many times and for how many customers I’ve had to do this for.


Feeding the deer 20 minutes ago, the weather was like this…

Now it’s like this…


The deerz don’t look amused :slight_smile:


Guess who’s to blagged a free 28’ monitor from work. Yes me



oh, it’s not.


Guess whos not got a free 28 inch monitor as its got a smashed screen


Booo and hissssss



So It’s quite chilly down here in Poole, minus 6 with the wind chill. Not a cloud in the sky though at the moment. I think we’ve had a single 5 minute window of actual snow fall yesterday which left the place with just a light dusting, otherwise just damn chilly…


You should have come up the road to Verwood matey. We had a 15/20 min blizzard yesterday about 18:00. Kids loved it. Couldn’t see more than 8 foot in front of yourself. Left about 2 inches of snow on the floor :smiley:


Cold AF light dusting of snow. Taking mother to her Neuro Appointment at 12, so it can hold off till then, once I’m home I don’t give a fuck, SNOOOW you fool.


2 inches, I wouldn’t have bothered!! Got aprox 4 inches yesterday & with last nights’ & this mornings snow fall it’s now 8 inches plus (might even be closer to 1 foot). Temps are about -4 & anything under the recent snow fall has or is freezing & turning to ice.