The "Morning!" Thread


Had 4inches on my car yesterday made a few snowofficers just leaving work now been getting abuse all day for wearing shorts it’s only - 4 lovely weather


Very true Petah but for us down ere…thats a lot of snow :slight_smile:



I’m guessing le deerz dont care about the snow? :slight_smile:



If there is a break in the snowfall during the day, I’ll send the Mavic up flying and see if I can get some nice photos of the valley :slight_smile:


Please do. That would be great.


It never snows here. So this was a delight!


We have about 5cm now I’d say. Still snowing.


Well got sent home at 15:00 as the main road that was gritted…started to get covered in snow again. Was a fun ride home (and in my shorts @Buggsy :)) and then went and took kids to the road round the corner that is on a bit of a hill for some sledging action.

It’s been snowing since last night and has not stopped. It’s getting heavier as I type this now.

I’ll see if I can upload my vid of my ride home


Wind has blow my gates open and moved the wooden pillar holding them. Spent an hour with my day screwing the gates shut and tying down the pillar. Nice new job now to secure it better when the weather turns


Sent the drone up quickly, just a few minutes before the gales started blowing!

Editing the photos a bit too much to make them a bit brighter, hence the noise.


I got shouted at an told to f off home after being informed its -11 due to the wind and am a bellend for wearing shorts and ankle socks to say I was offended would of been a vast over statement as the pain of my Bollocks shooting up into my ribs to escape the cold rendered me mute to all external issues


This is from yesterday. Excuse the rambling…


Wow super snowy.

I completely pussied out driving anywhere over the last few days. 4WD counts for squat with 255 section summer tires. #sidewaysthroughleatherheadonewaysystem


I was rambling to keep myself calm, since I’ve never really driven in conditions like this. They may be hefty enough tyres, but they’re still summer tyres :smiley:

L200 took it like a champ :blush:


So…got told last night that my department boss would txt me in the morning once he knew from the director s if we were open today.

Got txt saying we were open. OK. Got shorts on, got bike out and preceded to ride to work. Thought I should go back routes as freezing rain has put about a 10mil layer of ice on top of the lovely powder. Bad idea as some places were a sheet of ice. Mountain bike going sideways is not as much fun as a car going sideways :slight_smile:

So…got to work…4 people in including me. Find out that our delivery company are not doing any collection s today. My manager phones up directors and says hardly any one has made it in due to the ice and snow.

Get told to go home.

Decide to go main road home as safer



so on weds before i crashed the car… i headed out for a walk with the pups when we left the house is was like this…

half way around the park it had suddenly changed

i now have a cold and feel horrid (3 hours sleep yay) and hoping this weather fecks off
dogs liked the snow however…


Management are twats sometimes.


Snow day update.

Got kids ready to go to Morrison’s for breakfast/lunch. Just about to walk out the door and phone rings. Not sure of number so answer it.

One of the directors asking if I could go back to work as a lorry with 17 pallets of Asus motherboards and GPUs has arrived and needed uploading. FFS. The curse of living close to work. Also…with all the ice couldn’t get the forklift to take the pallets off…so all 17 were handballed off by 6 of us. Altho boss did pay for burger and a pint after :confused: