The "Morning!" Thread


Snow day part 2!!!

Didn’t even have to walk and hour to work in the snow to find out we’re closed this time either!



Pics from yesterday and this morning. Starting to get fed up. Everything is closed, I need milk and bread



You lucky fuckers!

Also, it is the Bread Crisis 2018…


It’s the bloody apocalypse over here.
Headline in the papers: NO BREAD IN SHOPS…oh, and some snow on the way,


Most of the farm is covered in about 40cm of snow, more in some places.

Thankfully, we still have power and running water and 3 freezers full of food.


Got sent this from a friend in Ireland.


I was ripping the piss out of people freaking out about it before it hit. “Fuck sake, it’ll be slightly below zero and a light powdering of snow”… My hat tastes like shit.


Same. I thought they were exaggerating like with the last storm. I was wrong. Back home this would be a normal Friday.


bread situation seems okay here, but there’s a (possibly artificial) milk shortage.


Was off work Wednesday & yesterday (did get in yesterday but all we did was unload lorry). Got in to day & got paired up to deliver to nursing homes & a few private addresses who were desperate.

Now bearing in mind our depot is in Consett, which happens to be the highest point in County Durham (it can have all 4 seasons in 1 day & that inc during the summer) They’ve finally done a decent job on the main roads, HOW EVER these main roads that bypass 2 smallish towns on the way there have nothing but fields to the east of them, yup the EAST so the wind is blowing all the falling snow & off the fields against the hedge rows, which obviously created drifts, these drifts have now grown over the hedges & have started to move towards the roads & they actually look like waves (wish I’d stopped to take a photo or 2) These are now over 6 feet deep & of such weight that they are pushing the 8 or so inches of natural snowfall on the road side plus the plowed snow ontop of it (say at least 6 inches) back onto the road. This in turn is forcing you to drive on the wrong side of the road, luckily the opposite side is 2 lanes as it goes up hill.

If the drifts are still there on Monday I’ll get some photos but the roads are seriously fecked up here in the north east.


I seem to have a hang over this morning. Not great for a Monday.


Didn’t even realise it was Monday


Same here. But then I was swimming in rum on Saturday night…


I noticed this morning that ‘our’ pigeons, Bazza & Shazza have been busy…

Wonder if Bazza has his drinking under control?


Bazza, Shazza, and Wazza as he shall now be known


So… there’s a new lady in my life!

Everyone, meet Runa (Roo-nah) :slight_smile:

German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Black Labrador cross.


Awesome Dog status confirmed!


Fluffy fluff fluff!!!


adorable little pup :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: