The Orville


Anyone watched it yet? Just watched the 1st one. Not too bad.


Watched 3 of them atm. It’s good. Not as funny as I thought it would be but still good. Will watch it all the way through. Even the misses likes it.


It’s not on Netflix, is it?


No not that I’ve seen. Been streaming it from my phone


It’s a bit odd watching this while discovery is also on TV as The Orville kinda feels more like star trek than discovery.


Ok I’m 4 episodes in and I fecking love this!


If your a Sc-Fi fan, you’ll love this. It gets the balance between sc-fi and humour prefect. All little modern references are great, and the cast work really well together.


good guest stars too; Neesons in 4 and Charlize is in episode 5.

all the incidental music and cues are straight out of TNG, i love it.


Watched 5 and watching 6. Think I’m enjoying this more than the new star trek.


I just noticed the music while watching the second episode. It was a really nice touch.


Just finished watching no 6…really liking it.


Anyone watched the latest one? Wasn’t as funny as the others but it did make a bloody good point about modern society


Was that the one with the voting badges???

If so…then yeah…know what you mean


It was mate. Still can’t decide if I didn’t like it or not.


I am liking it. Just the ads made it out to be a lot funnier than it actually is. Not sure if its supposed to be serious or not


I love the program, think its great. I meant that episode. Couldnt decide if I liked that one.


Lookly here


Literally just finished binge watching season one having forgotten how good it was!


Can’t wait, first season was fantastic. Much better then the new Star Treck tv series!


New season starts tonight!!