The Orville


Oooo thx for the reminder hammy


I watched it and it was good. Really do like this!


Got it recorded so will watch soon.

As good and funny as last season Hammy?


Yes mate. Just like last season never finished


Will have a watch, I loved the previous seasons.


Holy crap the cast in episode 3!

Edit: WTF are they playing at in this ep?!


How are you in the 3rd?


Sailin’ the seas!


Was going to say, showbox is down so thats my source not working, which is annoying as I want to watch the 3rd season of van Helsing


Showbox is behaving really weirdly of late, I’m even having it behave differently on different devices.

On one tablet running the same version it will work but then not on the other, likewise on our phones. Sometimes it flat out doesn’t work, sometimes the news page is all thats broken, sometimes its individual categories (Movies/Tv/New).

Wonder whats happening.


From what I’ve read up on (not slot tbh) legal shit


Yeah they have to keep moving servers and the such every now and again


Just watched the 3rd one. Not happy. Good episode but why!!


Fuck me this just gets better! Also I never realised the doctor was in deep space nine


Isaac you dick


Seems like he is less of dick than we thought!