The State of Online gaming

Its crap. So much toxicity now days, which I swear is only getting worse. R6 is possibly one of the worse games I have played for it, from that guy last night who was “carrying us” to the amount of “ur mom” comments, it is putting me off online gaming.

Even with all these new games coming out, that are meant to be team focused, I can see how its going to go. Trolls, and try hard wanna be generals telling you to “get good” because you’re having an bad round or don’t play how they want you to play. Or that one guy that runs off to get all the kills, forgets about the objective and makes you lose, but then moans that its your fault because he went 24/1 but we still lost as it was only 1 person trying to hold a point on their own.

Now, I know what you’ll all say, just ignore them, which I normally do, but it seems to be getting worse. I dont know how people have the energy to do it. What happened to playing games for fun, and if you wanted to play “pro” you went to a pro clan and joint a league.

Bring back the old days please!


All voice comms apart from our TS off and all text chat off.

Nuke the entire comms from orbit–it’s the only way to be sure :wink:


I tend to keep all that on for the rare occasions where you actually get useful information for the pubbers

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this is why i’m trying to focus on more co-op stuff. Other humans are toxic: we can kill them all, or turn chat off and live in willful ignorance. At least when it’s dodgy AI it’s just the devs to blame and few of them are in good standing anyway.


But really, how often is that? Compared to enduring the vitriol I would happily miss a bit of info.

If i’m totally honest, i mainly leave it on as I cant be arsed finding it in the settings to turn off.


The sledging in games has definitely got worse with more recent generations of players… although the ‘ur mom’ comments have been in games like CS for over a decade…

Youtube stars trolling and being cunts online doesn’t help as it breeds copycat mentalities until it becomes the norm. The rise in pro-league shit has made the entire market mainstream.

No one has any respect for the market, game or communities - Lots of kiddy armchair warriors talking shit to strangers that they wouldn’t dare do in real life thus attempting to fill their sad meaningless life with a feeling of power and control.

I think that probably says more about the state of humanity than gamers. I think what annoys me the most is it never used to be like this… It is like our ‘hobby’ has been hijacked.

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Additionally, without blowing my own trumpet (oo-er) - One reason why we all enjoyed BF2 back in the day was because of the very strict administration of our server. There were plenty of games where I’d hide away and do nothing but rcon the server… kicking and banned of abusive player and for unsportsmanlike play. It’s why our servers got such a good rep.

It can be fucking exhausting sometimes though… when all you want to do is ‘play’. Back then, I was happy to. If it was now… probably less so - although the idea of having a ‘no bullshit’ server would be nice.


I remember spending more time on procon than playing at times. But that was when you had dedi servers run by communities. Now days most of them aren’t adminned as well or the communities running are as good as we did. But as you say, most people want to play now rather than admin.


I think the lack of dedicated servers and the way the gaming industry has gone more - business controlled servers; Admining has become a thing of the past which has allowed the “ur mom…blah blah blah” culture to flourish.

The gaming industry has no moral compass for what people type; they are concerned more for popularity and micro-transactions while giving a public front of banning cheats. Manners and respect hardly cross their minds.

For your own sanity Hammy, find the button to turn off / hide the chat if you feel you can’t cope with the minority of child like gamers who have to resort to “your mom is a better lay then his” crowd. I must admit some purposefully go out of their way to bait you (happened to me in BF1, I gave concise worded answers to their “ur mom” responses that they either did not understand or realised they failed to get a rise from me and moved on).

When ZiiP had their own server, it was well admined and people flocked to play on it. It brought me to ZiiP and I joined and despite a few bumps in the road, I am still here. Servers these days are either no longer available due to the way games are played (Match-Making) or are prohibitive in cost which means we resort to using the servers the publishers want us to use.

Indie game makers such as PUBG, Hell let Loose, do say they run with dedicated servers (once released); BF1 does as well (not sure on this) as they have clan tags.

I think main stream titles will always get the abusive cretins until the next big thing comes along and they move on.

You have a few choices available to you.

  • You can ignore them by switching off chat
  • You can stop playing online (kind of lonely)
  • You could join them (god knows why?)
  • You can ignore them but leave chat on

Only you can decide what you can handle - if you’re life will be better without going online to play games, perhaps take a sabbatical and return if you feel the urge to play again with like minded people. The last thing you need is to stay and perserve if you are not enjoying it and the immature crowd is affecting you, your wife and your life.

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Dont get me wrong Mic, it goes over my head by the next round or too, and I do use the chat to make people think about what i’m saying to let the others in my team have a chance, but I dont go down the whole flaming route. Normally just Keep them talking so they are distracted.

The post was more about online gaming as a whole, and how it has changed in the past 15 odd years since I’ve been in ZiiP. Not all of it good. The days of communities like us are gone, and ones like will be few and far between. I honestly think unless there is a good reporting system put in place for games now, the trolls will keep on trolling (they see me trolling, they be hating).

And its more the style of player playing games now too. Its all about the KDR or kill streak for most. Team work and such is slow being left behind. Main CoDs fault as they where the big one to bring it in. Why play the point if I can get 40 kills and come top of a losing team.

I agree overall games especially COD/AAA titles are all about the kill streak and the perks you get with that and this attracts the fanbois and trolls; The types of players who only cared for the KDR have always been there but were normally hidden between players that actually cared to play the game the way it was intended.

As games have become saturated and players who were dedicated to one game, now disperse, the fanbois, trolls start to come out of the shadows and are now in abundance.

That being said, we are starting to see game makers going back to team focused games and objectives, trying to recapture the old days (Battalion 1944), Hell Let Loose even BF1 where the score does not count towards the overall objective. Only COD appears to do the rinse/repeat formula that has become stale and boring.

I think the rise of Indie games may help the situation as trolls don’t normally get these as on-screen comms are not normally available; they force you to speak to people or use their own TS/Communications.

Eventually over time, these trolls may once again drop back into insignificance but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I don’t think Clans/Communities are dead at all - there are plenty about but like ours, have become diverse with only a few members dedicated to one type of game or two. If you look at ZiiP, the majority play ARM3 and this splinters into R6, PUBG, BF1 etc. whereas some members, myself included, don’t play ARMA3 but we do play in the splinter groups.

I think you have under-estimated clans - some are rigid and desire members to play one game, there are competitive clans out there too; Jovial Clans probably exist too but may not be as abundant as before as people move on, get older etc.

In the 15 years you have been in ZiiP, games, technologies have become more advanced and rightly so. Yes, trolls are now more abundant and piss you off, like they piss everyone off but you learn to live with it or play something different.

I use to turn my nose up at games that were not from a trusted publisher like EA and Activision, I was a triple A snob. Now, I prefer the lesser known gaming house - they may not be as pretty or polished as a COD or BF game but you know that the people playing it are dedicated and play the game as intended.

Trolls are like cheaters - always been there - they will never be eradicated. You live with it and move on as your enjoyment is more important then anything they say or do.

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Think you’ve missed my point a bit Mic. Its not about getting 20 of us all on a game every night of the week. Those days are gone for a number of reasons. Too many games, and a lot of changes in real life and playing styles have change the core of ZiiP. MY post was more about how the state of online gaming has changed as a whole, and for the worse in many ways.

Yes, we are seeing games go to the team base style, thats all well and good but that doesnt change the players. Most players aren’t happy unless they are killing. How many times has a medic ran by you with out healing/reviving because they want a kill instead? Just because a game is team based doesnt mean the players will play that way. HAppens all the time in R6S, prob even more in Battlefield.

Online gaming is now more of a business like making a movie rather than a game. It’s all about making money now, which is fair enough.Cant run a company that doesnt make money. But when it puts making money before making the game work, I dont like it. And lets face it, indie games are going to change that way too. Look at Battalion 1944, changed its game model because another game like it was coming out. Next thing you know you have a ww2 quake style game.

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It didn’t change its model; many people, me included, did not read the fine print and thought we were backing a game like Hell let Loose when in fact they were trying to replicated COD 2.

As for the medic example, this has happened every game I have played all the way from BF1942 days. I think you have rose tinted glasses on if you think this problem has only ever existed in the later games.
If you are frustrated with how pubbers play, find games that one, two, five friends play and band together and play as a squad… oh hang on that’s what we do in ZiiP.

You are kidding yourself if you believe pubbers will play by your principals. What I normally find is the lone wolf pubber will play their own way and revive/resupply if they are doing a specific task to unlock something. In many cases, the revives/resupplies are your own friends or people from other clans who are playing with friends and you are in their vicinity so they help you to boost their squad’s points.

As for the state of online gaming - Gaming hasn’t radically changed - people have their own styles of play. Some who belong to something or are playing with friends may do the honourable thing and help you out as they have played as a squad and know the meaning of teamwork. A casual gamer will not have any good experiences of being in a squad so will want their own glory. When they start making friends that play the same game and group up will the team play come and then only if those friends play as a team.

I think you feel that online gaming and people playing for themselves rather than the objective is down to the game you reference RS6. This is a 6v6 game and if you are playing on your own with casual players, you will not get the instant togetherness you expect when playing with friends. Teamwork needs effective comms - in most cases, this does not exist when playing on your own. Most people are intimidated to use VOIP or can’t as they have no mic.

Maybe I do have some rose tinted glasses on, and yes I know it happened back in the “good old days” but back then it wasn’t as near as bad as it is now. And playing with 4 or 5 friends doesn’t change how others play. But again, the point I was trying to make, isnt about play with us. We all know that isn’t bad unless Xander is on.

I dont expect any one to play by my principals, never have. Its more about playing the game as it was meant to be. Any of will pick your friends up 1st, I have no grips about that.

I rarely play online on my own, and even when I play with 3 or 4 out of a 5 man squad on R6S, it doesn’t make it any better. Take last night, our pubber shooting us because me removed a wall that he put up locking us in. Didnt ask why, just shot. As for comms with a pubber, everyone can type, yes it takes longer but you can do it. (in most games)

These things happen - blaming the entire online gaming genre for a minority of players seems extreme. He probably won doing that last time and perceived your actions as an obstacle to his goal. Report him and move on.

As for your thoughts on the state of online gaming, your mind is set; I will not change it with my points of view.

But the comment of “its more about playing the game as it was meant to be played” is your principle. Some people play that way, some don’t.

Thats more my point now, it is no longer the minority of players doing this. It is become in the “In thing” to do if people dont do as you want them, hence the state of online gaming.

And there is no reporting for toxic behavior, only cheating on R6S.

How often is your game undermined by an intentional team kill? Is is every game? every other game? Or once in a blue moon that happened on a bad day?

Toxic behaviour for me is intentional TKs, cheating etc. but not ignoring you cos you are down and need a medic or they are not playing the objective.

If you remember with BF2, our overview of a rule was “to play the game as the developer intended”

I adopted that as a rule because it covered us to kick people who bunny-hopped and dolphin-dived (which was doable in game, but DICE didn’t actively program it into the game). Eventually the code was changed to stop it.

In R6 you get similar things. For example - people breaking out and rushing from the start as defender… You can do it, but the game and the developers didn’t intend for it to be a ‘thing’. Getting killed in a round base game within less than half a second of spawning is frustrating.

and I think that is what you have to remember… R6 is round based:

Getting team wounded fucks your round. Getting teamkilled fucks your round. The enemy teamkilling each other fucks your round. The enemy or your side killing the hostage fucks your round. etc etc etc.

It’s not just a case of ‘i’ll respawn in 15 seconds and avoid them’ - it’s a 3+ minute wait.

and it is happening more and more often. That’s the problem.

Part of the problem is down to the player base. Part is down to Ubisoft not providing enough protection. Either way - it’s frustrating.

Why do we play it then? Because at it’s heart, R6 is one of the best games I’ve ever played online… With all the traps, locations, destructibility. - it’s got that oldskool feel.

Yep agree some players are knobs and in a round based game its frustrating. I have suffered this in PUBG.

We forgot to switch off auto matching and got joined by a pubber, he then betrayed us to his friends and our game ended quickly and we had to exit and load into a fresh game again.

But I did not blame that incident on the state of online gaming.

Frustration with a player base of a particular game is a flaw in that game but overall, I doubt it reflects the entire gaming world.