The strange world of Ryzen

So I installed my new Ryzen 3 1200 on an Asus Prime B450-Plus mobo with 8GB RAM

I’ve had a few BSOD which I’ve been working to resolve… think I’m getting there. Reinstalling Windows seemed to help, as did reinstalling fresh GFX card drivers.

Anyhow… here’s the weirdest problem, and I don’t know where to start to fix it: When I first boot from cold the machine hangs on the BIOS/POST screen. If I then reboot, it loads absolutely fine.

Obviously it is so early in the boot process, there wouldn’t be anything to log to (that I’m aware of). I’ll probably re-seat the RAM as that is an obvious ‘thing’ to check. The mobo is already on the latest BIOS version.

Anyone had anything similar or ideas?

Duff RAM is my first thought. Had these issues just before I joined ZiiP with my C2D rig and couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. Swapping the RAM out for a spare set I’d borrowed fixed the problem immediately.

Failing that do a BIOS update. I’ve read a few articles that have recommended BIOS updates right out of the box for newer AMD boards/chips.

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Missed tha part where you’d said the bios is up to date.

If switching out the RAM doesn’t help then maybe a strip down and full reassmbly?

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In all my years of building jes, if I get any probs, the first thing I do is give the ram a good hard wiggle to make sure it’s seated good and getting a good connection. Also remove and RE seat the CPU. Many a problem I’ve had resolves itself just by doing that.

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Re-seated and swapped the RAM over between slots. No difference.

Previously checked the BIOS using the WIndows based tool that is provided, which checked and told me there was no new updates.

Entered the BIOS and checked using the tool built into it - and sure enough, there was a BIOS update.

Just booted ok. Going to run some more tests. :slight_smile:


I have never trusted OS based BIOS tools :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to update my new systems BIOS but its not really doing anything that weird so I’m leaning towards leaving it alone.

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Could be the ram allright as the mobos for ryzen have had various issues with different memory. Hopefully you checked the validated list from ASUS before you got the ram.

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I hadn’t - but the BIOS update seems to have fixed all issues.

I’ll check the list out before I upgrade again :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at new kit for a while now… So have looked at what issues people are having. Hopefully Gamers Nexus will do a X470 mobo roundup before I actually get something. Some dodgy stuff going on with power delivery and what mobo makers are advertising. For example one of them was saying their power delivery was 8 phase where it was actually a 4.
Would like to get ASUS again but the good mobos in that x470 are 200+ pound.
For example this 178 pound thing has poor(shit) VRM cooling.

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I was considering an X470 - but on reflection, I didn’t need all the extra PCI lanes that it gives. The B450 is still the second generation chipset and carries a lot of the feature.

You’re right about the power bullshit - I was looking at the Aorus Pro originally - but that was apparently misreporting stats bigtime.

I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed with my new setup. It’s only a Ryzen 3 1200 (4 core) - which technically is on par (ish) with the 2600k - all be it, with less cores. However, I was doing some DVD ripping earlier and whilst it maxed out all cores on the CPU, the system was fully responsive (not even any mouse judder) and the CPU temp was a constant 51C. That was with the CPU fan (stock fan) running at 25% and only 1 exhaust fan running at 30%. My 2 front intake and top exhaust were all at 0%. Silent under load. Amazing. Helps being a 65w chip.

I think that’s the biggest thing over my old 1155 mobo - proper fan and temp control. You can set up so much. It’s why I love Mac - having a quiet work environment. But now I’ve got this, I’m actually selling my Mac Mini.

Sounds really good. Even if you had poor VRM design/setup it should run really well with that CPU you have. I’m looking for a 2700x and I plan on overclocking it donw the road so the VRM needs to be good, since that can be power hungry and hot when overclocked.

Yep, I’ll be going for a 2600x or 2700x down the line. Won’t be overclocking, but will be making use of all the cores that AMD offer :slight_smile:

Just checked. My RAM was on the official list. That was lucky :slight_smile:

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Good, All problems gone since the bios upgrade?

I’m looking at a 2700x, 16gb corsair 3200, MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON (better than equivalent ASUS and cheaper). 602 pound via amazon… Waiting for black friday now. Would need a better cooler as well so have to look in to that.

So, here’s one for @n0tch and @BlackRaven - and anyone else who has a Ryzen setup… but hey, could effect anyone, but I had never had it before.

My BIOS showed 8GB RAM
Windows showed 8GB RAM
Dxdiag showed 8GB RAM
I phoned my mum, she said it’s 8GB RAM.
Everything showed 8GB RAM!

However, Taskmanager > Resource Manager showed 8GB RAM… But with 4GB as ‘Hardware Reserved’ - thereby losing half my allocation.


Turns out I had the RAM installed in DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1… but infact I should have had them installed in DIMM_A2 and B2… obviously… (wtf)

Now my Hardware Reserved is 65MB.

Happy days.


Hheehehe Jes, That has to do with single channel/dual channel…


Single channel in A2 (obviously lol).
Dual channel in A2 and B2.
Quad in all four.

I had to RTFM. Imagine that :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually RTFM before fitting my RAM. Now I know what would have happened if I didn’t. Great community spirit, Jes :slight_smile:

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At least I have one use.

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For ZiiP science.

Now back in the cage guinea pig!!!


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