The Tabletop/Board/Card Game Kickstarter Thread


There was a combined thread for KS projects mixed in with other boardgame/tabletop stuff - As that thread seems quite popular, I figured a dedicated KS thread for board/tabletop games might be in order. Post up anything that takes your interest.

Been following this for a few days:

Franchised from a video game - the 32mm minis look really really sweet, especially as all the main characters have associated dog minis with them. Would be tempted if I had any spare cash.


This goes on your tabletop and could potentially be used for 3D printing of terrain I guess…


After listening to an episode of “The Independent Characters” podcast today, I have to agree on their point that GW have embraced a level of humour with their marketing over the last couple of years and the video below is a perfect example of it :smiley:


@Buggsy @vredesbyrd and @spoonlamp I sent you guys invites to The Independent Characters FB page yesterday. I’ve been listening to their podcasts the last few days and loving them! Lots of friendly banter about the lore, models, thoughts and some gameplay. They have episodes called “Show of force” on different t factions where they go in-depth on specific armies.
Long enough podcasts, usually about 2-3 hours, but fun to listen to. For the Narrative are mainly about competitive play.


Oh yes. Yes indeed. Gonna try and get a good few of these if they are up to standard!

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Someone got a decent photo of a prototype:

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Right, I just mentioned it to @spoonlamp on FB, but who else would be interested in going to Warhammer Fest next year?


Me please me me hopefully I can braid my beard by then aswell :metal: