The Tabletop/Board/Card Game Kickstarter Thread


Haven’t GW ALWAYS had a hardon for the smurfs?


They are the poster boys for model space nazis.

That being said, since they are releasing dedicated expansions for core chapters, there could be a nice swing in the meta.

The new dedicated custom chapter creation is nice. Raptors are successors of Raven Guard, so I’ll be getting that expansion if there is one for them. That being said, there is some really nice options: bolter accuracy and increased range for bolt weapons.

The new profile for Stalker Bolt Rifles can be increased to 33" range, -2 AP, and 2 damage… That is glorious!

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Holy shit Spesh Mahreens are stepping it up a few notches!!!


Just watched a Kill Team battle report. Fuck me that’s a fast game type! :open_mouth:

Straightforward, simple enough rules. Marines vs Marines seems to go the expected way in that it was a bit stalemate-y, but I could see this being a great little thing to play!


@vredesbyrd I put together a quick killteam list. 5 Intercessors and 1 Reiver came to 96 points. Adding a Tier 2 specialisation gives me exactly 100 points. Nice and easy to say the least!


We’ve made a bit of progress resurrecting the boardgaming group in getting Kate’s brother interested in building his own team. Playing the game is another step, but I’m sat on a few other games we need to either get back to or play so it’ll hopefully work as an avenue in to Kill Team.

On a different note, Kate and I played our first games of D6 Dungeon (Formally ‘The Dungeon Waffle’):

Basically you have to assemble the ‘waffle’ which works as the playboard and has different configurations for different numbers of players (though I fear there really isn’t enough dice for more than 3 people to play a decent game). From there you take turns choosing dice randomly from a cloth bag and rolling them to receive a room face, an item/spell or a relic.

  • Rooms are placed in to the spaces in the waffle (you can start on either end and place blocks wherever you want) and have avenues to link to other rooms you roll later, coming together to form your route through the dungeon. Rooms often have obstacles or enemies in them which require you to have a certain number of weapon dice to overcome, sometimes for a reward while others have treasure or traps.

  • Items include weapons to fight monsters and keys. Spells can swap the faces of or rotate dice, allow you to choose a specific dice, allow you to choose a side of a dice or see your opponent’s side.

  • The relic is for scoring at the end.

The game is over when either a player successfully calls they’ve found a route to the other side or when the dice run out. At these points the players calculate their scores and declare a winner, with the first to finish receiving a hefty bonus.

Points come from finding treasure, rolling relics, killing certain enemies and finishing first.

Gimmicky, rubbish rulebook and a bit limited in terms of replayability but fun overall for the size of the game considering it was only £19 through my pledge.

Other than all the 40k stuff and getting back to our other games, I’ve also been looking at Deck Box Dungeon, a full multiplayer coop dungeon crawler with a lot of stuff packed in to a TCG box (bit bigger than a playing card deck).

Edit: I forgot about some shit I drunk-kicked!

This is on its way from China to Germany and then on to me:

Reminded me of a few of the quick-play/small scale games I’ve played at Caolands and elsewhere. Could be good!

Also have the expansion to Five Minute Dungeon still to play:


I just threw in a $90 kick for WarLayer.

Gets me the Gothic Ruins STL files and the new terrain stuff in the videos above.

Do I have a printer? No. But I’ll get around to it.

450 STL files from the kickstarter. No support pieces needed!

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Holy fuck biscuits!!!


Received all my STL files from WarLayer :slight_smile:


Holy fuck, I just saw this on the IC group page…

I might have to look into Adeptus Titanicus if that’s a legit model!


Isn’t that an emperor titan?

Edit: but then again I’m sure if it was it should be a bit bigger than the reaver there


Aye, it’s an Imperator Titan, but it’s a kit-bash using a 40K Castellan Knight (which gives you perspective on how big these models actually are!) and some other random parts and scenery.

It’s a great custom build though!

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How do titans get landed on planets? I can only assume it’s some ridiculous contraption based process that resembles a dethklok concert.


That’s pretty close actually.

There are dedicated ships from the Adeptus Mechanicus which drop these things in. They’re called “Coffin Ships”. They essentially crash-land into the planet and the Titan walks out and then proceeds to kill everything in weapons range.

Unless the Titan is from Legio Astorum, which somehow teleports them planetside!

Taken from a reddit post:

As far as deployment goes:

  • Legio Astorum (Lucius) can teleport their Titans into battle. It’s old lore from the EPIC days, but it’s been mentioned again in the Adeptus Mechanicus codices.
  • Titanicus describes massive orbital landers, so large that their passing disrupts local weather patterns for years afterwards. The ship enters the atmosphere, but from there the Titans are lowered down on suspension lines from smaller lifters, kind of like how the Jaegers are deployed in Pacific Rim . The audiobook Honour to the Dead describes a lander so large that it can carry at least one Imperator as well as many other battle and scout Titans. These ones actually land (or at least, crash) and the Titans walk out through massive doors. Something like this.
  • Dark Creed describes huge, skyscraper-like single-Titan landers. Sort of like incredibly big and incredibly slow drop pods. That book is a good look at all the work that goes into the deployment of Titans into an active warzone. Something similar is presented in False Gods during Legio Mortis’ withdrawal after the successful pacification of Davin, and in Betrayer they are described as large, upright caskets.
  • In Master of Mankind , they’re diassembled and reassembled on the other side of the Imperial Webway portal. I guess you could do the same thing to bring a Titan down from orbit, but I doubt that it would like you very much afterwards.
  • In Storm of Iron , Dies Irae is brought down from orbit in a Tyranid hiveship infected with the Obliterator virus. They scooped it out, stuffed the Titan inside, and it spit it back out once it made planetfall. Not exactly an orthodox procedure.
  • Kingsblade and Knightsblade describe Drop Keeps, which are huge drop pods to deliver Knights into battle.

As far as surviving a fall, Battle Titans rarely survive falling over from standing height. That’s a lot of weight and, while material science in 40K is a complete farce, not even their reinforced frame and armor can withstand a collapse. An actual jump, especially one from orbit, is quite out of the question.


yeah, options 2, 3, and 6 sound about right, though i’m less keen on carrying lots of titans in one thing; what’s the point, how often are you going to use it vs the inflexibility of an ‘all your eggs in one basket’ approach in any situation where that number of titans would be better deployed in multiple places.

I seem to remember a bit of fluff on the Ordinatus and how they started out designing new weapons for titans but they’re just mounted on a big articulated tracked vehicle for ‘testing purposes’ which are kept inside custom built carriers that land them and then act as their point of maintenance and re-arming, and assumed titans must have something similar but…taller.

Ah plasteel, ceramite, and wraithbone; is there anything you simultaneously can’t but yet can but yet can’t do based on circumstance.

Which begs the questions “why make your largest and most deadly killing machines bipedal” which is taken care of with the standard response of “we are religious nutjobs/stole these from religious nutjobs”.


There was one titan that was bigger again than the Imperator Titan, which FIRED DAEMONS FROM ITS GUNS! Which was subsequently destroyed by the Grey Knights and the STC destroyed by the Mechanicus because of the “risk” of chaos…

Also, Titans are different to other machinery in the Imperium, in that they are actually sentient (to a degree), that’s why the have a Princeps on-board to help guide their thoughts in combat. The lead Princeps is merged with the Titan AI to help guide and direct it in combat.


Fucking hell. If you were to theoretically get everything for Adeptus Titanicus… it’ll set you back a LOT.

You can shave it down a bit by getting the Grandmaster edition and then adding some Reavers and Warhounds to it.


Picked up two of the three ‘Escape the Dark Castle’ expansions:


So just unwrapped this for me birthday.

Finally got one. Always wanted one since they were 1st released but were way too expensive.

But now what varient to do?

Thinking shadowsword as that’s th 1st one I saw :slight_smile:

so happy now but I will have to put it in the pile of other models to make