The Tabletop/Board/Card Game Kickstarter Thread

My googlfu failed me but a kind random linked me some - these are some four legged knights:


And that got me wondering, what about tracked ones?


@vredesbyrd The War Layer KS campaign have released a bunch of files on Thingiverse for testing:


I might see if the printers in work are free next week and get one printed off.

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So, GW did their second reveal from GenCon today…

Space Marines galore!

Standalone primaris snipers, Reiver lieutenant and few other odds and ends.

You know what… I’m going to go out and just say it: I’m going all Primaris now.


2nd pic

“Get away from her you bitch!”


I’m still keeping my land Raider though to help get terminators up the field…

I say that like I’m going to actually play a game! :joy:


I’m going to try and get my hands on this on Saturday. The supposed RRP is $250, so I’m guessing about €180.

It’s an insane price, but I’m actually ok with that.


@vredesbyrd oh lord…

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I for one would love this :grin:

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That is so fecking coool…

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That HAS to have been printed on a dip printer, that or some £12k++ monster printer.

Splitting of the file isn’t bad either though I think a lot of printers would have trouble with a few sections.

Whats the Adeptus Astartes thing?


Limited Edition of the new Codex: Space Marines.

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I might have been slightlytempted if it wasn’t for the “bluewashing” of everyfuckingthing 40k related these days in the “shadow of Rowboat Gilliespank”. More and more I feel like they just want to have blue marines vs chaos and even though there are other spankingly good 40k Primarchs (Magnus is beautiful, Mortarion is a great model) none of them are actually that great compared the Rowboat. Magnus is probably secod best, Mortarion is almost a waste of time due to his size and shape (gets shot off the board first turn) - so where’s the rest of them?

Moar kraken


Haven’t GW ALWAYS had a hardon for the smurfs?


They are the poster boys for model space nazis.

That being said, since they are releasing dedicated expansions for core chapters, there could be a nice swing in the meta.

The new dedicated custom chapter creation is nice. Raptors are successors of Raven Guard, so I’ll be getting that expansion if there is one for them. That being said, there is some really nice options: bolter accuracy and increased range for bolt weapons.

The new profile for Stalker Bolt Rifles can be increased to 33" range, -2 AP, and 2 damage… That is glorious!

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Holy shit Spesh Mahreens are stepping it up a few notches!!!


Just watched a Kill Team battle report. Fuck me that’s a fast game type! :open_mouth:

Straightforward, simple enough rules. Marines vs Marines seems to go the expected way in that it was a bit stalemate-y, but I could see this being a great little thing to play!


@vredesbyrd I put together a quick killteam list. 5 Intercessors and 1 Reiver came to 96 points. Adding a Tier 2 specialisation gives me exactly 100 points. Nice and easy to say the least!


We’ve made a bit of progress resurrecting the boardgaming group in getting Kate’s brother interested in building his own team. Playing the game is another step, but I’m sat on a few other games we need to either get back to or play so it’ll hopefully work as an avenue in to Kill Team.

On a different note, Kate and I played our first games of D6 Dungeon (Formally ‘The Dungeon Waffle’):

Basically you have to assemble the ‘waffle’ which works as the playboard and has different configurations for different numbers of players (though I fear there really isn’t enough dice for more than 3 people to play a decent game). From there you take turns choosing dice randomly from a cloth bag and rolling them to receive a room face, an item/spell or a relic.

  • Rooms are placed in to the spaces in the waffle (you can start on either end and place blocks wherever you want) and have avenues to link to other rooms you roll later, coming together to form your route through the dungeon. Rooms often have obstacles or enemies in them which require you to have a certain number of weapon dice to overcome, sometimes for a reward while others have treasure or traps.

  • Items include weapons to fight monsters and keys. Spells can swap the faces of or rotate dice, allow you to choose a specific dice, allow you to choose a side of a dice or see your opponent’s side.

  • The relic is for scoring at the end.

The game is over when either a player successfully calls they’ve found a route to the other side or when the dice run out. At these points the players calculate their scores and declare a winner, with the first to finish receiving a hefty bonus.

Points come from finding treasure, rolling relics, killing certain enemies and finishing first.

Gimmicky, rubbish rulebook and a bit limited in terms of replayability but fun overall for the size of the game considering it was only £19 through my pledge.

Other than all the 40k stuff and getting back to our other games, I’ve also been looking at Deck Box Dungeon, a full multiplayer coop dungeon crawler with a lot of stuff packed in to a TCG box (bit bigger than a playing card deck).

Edit: I forgot about some shit I drunk-kicked!

This is on its way from China to Germany and then on to me:

Reminded me of a few of the quick-play/small scale games I’ve played at Caolands and elsewhere. Could be good!

Also have the expansion to Five Minute Dungeon still to play: