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Just caught this interesting article on Hardocp which is talking about potentially anti-competitive practices from NVIDIA with their new geforce partner program.

The crux of the issue with NVIDIA GPP comes down to a single requirement in order to be part of GPP. In order to have access to the GPP program, its partners must have its “Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively With GeForce.”

The example that will likely resonate best with HardOCP readers is the ASUS Republic of Gamers brand. I have no knowledge if ASUS is a GPP partner, I am simply using the ROG brand hypothetically. If ASUS is an NVIDIA GPP partner, and it wants to continue to use NVIDIA GPUs in its ROG branded video cards, computers, and laptops, it can no longer sell any other company’s GPUs in ROG products. So if ASUS want to keep building NVIDIA-based ROG video cards, it can no longer sell AMD-based ROG video cards, and be a GPP partner.

Some more coverage on forbes


If there is one thing these companies should have learnt by now, is that in the technology market, if you attempt to ‘lock-in’ your technology and force consumers and/or other manufacturers to make decisions where they have no choice, you immediately create an opening for a counter-market that is open and gives the end-user a choice.

Sure, in the short term, Nvidia will make a gain. In the long term, something better than them will come along and everyone will be just be like, ‘yeah, fuck Nvidia’…

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I just don’t like what Nvidia are doing at all.

Their rebranding shit (Tbf AMD are worse for this) their tiered releases that claim to be consumer friendly but are a mix of rebrands or cards gimped to make you want the top range with prices (obviously excluding the bit coin tax) that just don’t fit the consumer friendly claims they make, the bullshit with requiring an account if you want Geforce experience, all this Titan bullshit and if you go with the driver only install all the extra spaff they try shoveling in with the install. I want the GPU driver and the Physx driver, fuck off with making everything else a default/opt out you dicks.


These kind of partner programs have been happening in all industries for along time. The biggest challenge we had in the Appliance Market was to be able to justify our trading terms., i.e. why one retailer would pay one price and another something different. We could quite happily get retailers in our case, to exclude other brands in exchange for better terms. Some didnt want to be tied in, and we didnt tie them in they just didnt get some of the benefits and additional support. It can be beneficial to the consumer in the fact that they might actually get better value from these retailers and better knowledge.

As Jes says they force manufacturers down one route, plenty choice opens up elsewhere and the quality of other aspects of your offering have to live up to scratch. But if people want more choice they look elsewhere. Like it or not Nvidai has big brand power and appeal.*Edit. So big and well known I spelled it wrong! Until such a time as all people feel like Vred then they can continue to do this.
Ultimately business decisions for those manufacturers and consumers. Some will jump at the chance to be better affiliated with Nvidia others will be like, Nay.

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