The Wonders Of The Loft

So, last Friday and Sat was spent taking everything out of the loft to sort. It was filled to the rafters with stuff and when i had to go up there, the only space i had was where the loft hatch was and then had to move stuff to get to where i needed to go. So this was a big operation.

Problem is, while everything was sorted out (what was to be sold on car boot, what was to be chucked away etc), it all had to be put back up there :(.

But, i did get to find all my stuff that was put up there when we moved in (about 15 odd years ago). So here is what i found:

The old skool Fighting Fantasy books

Any one remember this?

All my White Dwarf magazines/codex’s i collected as a kid. Some even have their free models attached to the front and all the free posters and such.

My Warhammer models to start/finish

My other models to make up

Some of my Micro Machines i didnt get rid of :slight_smile:

Forgot about these being up there

My Gundam models. Some made, some to make

And a little selection of my Lego that was tucked away with no where to put it

Cant wait for the kids to move out :slight_smile:


Holy crap there is some stuff there!

The fact that you have a Space Marine bike still in the shrink wrap says a lot! :smiley:

I’d say those Gundam are probably worth a small fortune!

Loving the F-14, F-4, Bf 109f and A-10 :slight_smile:

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Fighting Fantasy books bring back a lot of memories. As do Micro Machines lol

Quite the collection there Stooks

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One question, how large is you attic that you found all of that ? Thats a lot of stuff, and probably memories too.

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He failed to mention he’s also got the wardrobe to Narnia up there… So space isn’t an issue.


3 bed house so quite big lol

BIG fricking TRAK!!!

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I’ve been fighting the urge to buy my daughter the first of the FF books! Loved them as a kid, smashed through dozens of them in different formats! So much fun.