The world is going to shit on live TV

America enters a whole new league of “WTF”

I think the US Police need a new PR division. I mean, you could maybe stop killing black people first - but after that, maybe a bit of common sense too. I totally appreciate that their job must be fecking horrendous at times - but this is just… wow.

In defense of the police there, they didn’t arrest the other CNN reporter that was one block away…who just happened to be white


to be fair, that reporter is lucky to be alive.

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Christ, I thought you were just joking… then saw you added the story. wow.

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This is all like some kind of ‘what if’ TV show about the collapse of the US or something.

One of the biggest fucked up things about this for me is the way these protestors are being treated. Violent or peaceful, they didn’t march up to a government building in tactical gear, masks and toting ARs like those anti-lock down ‘protestors’ did the other week.


It’s all kinds of fucked up over there at the moment.

Minnesota Governor just giving a live press conference.

Kudos to him. Speaking a lot of sense - and just took full responsibility for the CNN crew being arrested and says it was a mistake. Obviously it wasn’t his fault, but he’s taking the accountability of it.

I’m guessing this guy isn’t a Republican.


Pretty much my thoughts today.


Holy shit I must have had my head in the sand, this is from back in March from what Google tells me:


The boyfriend’s 911 call:

They shot her “at least” 8 times…

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Nope. It’s just our shitty MSM that picks and chooses what it wants us to see. Obviously, we’re far more interested in the constant reporter opinion pieces about current affairs than actual news being reported.

Pisses me off soooo much.


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The 3rd Precinct Police Station in Minneapolis has been breached and is being set on fire by protestors

Those people have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd.

They are just anarchists/criminals/looters wanting destruction/free-shit. The Governors speech addressed this well - He certainly wasn’t hiding under a rock and expressly made the point that the anger (which he couldn’t identify with personally) that exists from the black community needs to be focused on the local police and ensuring that they held to account using the proper channels.

He spoke about a local library being torched - something that had be helping educate poor kids from generally BAME areas of the state. It’s ridiculous doing that.

Looting detract the headlines from the real story - White cops killing black guys… and those that want to see justice need to stop the looters and rioting on the streets.

WARNING - loud siren on video…


Oh yeah, just opportunist dick heads.


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Just reading about that, I didn’t realise that they have so much leeway to fly them over their own country

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Yeah they sold a bunch of stripped down Predators to the Border Patrol and the Cost Guard for domestic use like a lot of their military gear these days.

A lot of people say it is no different to the UK police having some drones, but I don’t think the UK government is handing out stripped RQ drones to Plodd like the US are…

I think the thing you have to factor in with the use of US military drones verses UK Police drones is scale. They need to go massives distances compared to ours.

As long as they aren’t equipped with Hellfire… it’s all fine… :stuck_out_tongue: