The world is going to shit on live TV


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BBC News: Denver protest death: Demonstrator shot during rival rallies.

Actual footage on LiveLeak, as it always is these days.

For those that CBA, there was an altercation between a black guy, who is being reasonably vocal, a guy who appears to have pepper spray and a third guy who appears to be trying to keep them apart. Argument goes on for a bit, the guy with the pepper spray walks off camera and whilst he does, pulls a bandana over his nose. Next thing, there is a shot and he falls back into shot from the right, along with an orange mist.

Police arrive seconds later and arrest the shooter. Black guy nothing to do with it. Guy with pepper spray dead.

Nothing to see here. Thought worth explaining as that BBC report doesn’t do anything to explain what happened.


Not sure anyone knows what happened yet.

Interesting headline from a post on liveleak however

Denver Trumptard attacks armed security, gets shot dead for his efforts

I just sit back and laugh lol

Trump and Biden…what a feckin’ choice eh?

Now I know the Liberals and those on the Left want Biden and i see why, but as a Brit with our future in mind I’d go for the Orange Trumpet I’m afraid, Biden and Pelosi have shown they are NO friend of the UK and will side with the EU to ‘punish’ us.

So politics aside I want whats best for the UK, not whats best for American Liberals and thats a Trade Deal thats not designed to punish us.

This view is not going to be popular with many in the UK but I believe in putting the UK first and others sensibilities second, this is our future and then Trumpet will be gone forever in a few years…

I know, what a sh1t show lol

I agree that the Democrats openly siding with the EU and promising to punish Britain is diabolical. Even during the referendum campaign, Obama said that Britain would be at the back of the queue for any trade deal. It’s not something he would have a part in, so why say if not to interfere with another countries referendum? People get up in arms when Putin or Russia interfere (or even when they don’t) - yet if it’s America… it’s fine.

I am against lowering any of our standards to appease a trade deal - especially in farming. This nation has always been about quality. It’s where the “Made in Britain” cliche came from. Things made here were quality by a skilled workforce - where it be engineers, farmers or whatever.

Anyhow, slight digression from topic. I feel so annoyed that we’re in a position to do something really positive in our situation, but we’re surrounded by morons.

–edited political party–


You meant Democrats :wink:

haha yeah - I do :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t agree more.

I liked Biden as Obamas side kick but he has no substance for being a leader also he interviewed cardi b that’s worry of punishment by the wheel “” I don’t get this article I can see trump winning unless something changes drastically

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I find it difficult to picture pragmatically supporting Trump for anything because he’s just so inconsistent. Betting on his behaviour just feels like betting on dice rolls, not to mention the weird impact of a country where the president and its government are actively working against one another.

For all Biden’s faults, at least there’s the consistency of essentially dealing with the American government through a thin smear of Biden administration


I would argue that Trump is actually incredibly consistent. He consistently chooses himself and will move in any direction that benefits his ego and position of power. So if supporting the UK makes him feel great, he’ll do it. But he’ll just as easily throw out any agreement as soon as it becomes inconvenient/makes him lose face. He will also consistently blame someone else for it, because it allows him to continue to feel like he’s in charge.
So he’s extremely consistent, but yeah, not in a way that allows people to rely on him long term. Unless you can manipulate the deal so he continues to feel like he’s in control and is benefiting from your arrangement.


Jester you do understand that they are doing that because it was a big deal for them to get the power sharing going in NI… You know the good friday stuff. They were heavily involved in it.

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Yeah, I know what the Good Friday Agreement is, cheers.

I wrote a long response to this, but I really CBA going into the ins and outs of Brexit. I’m far too tired.