The world is going to shit on live TV

Yes, I agree with you there. There were minority groups using the occasion to commit acts of domestic terrorism. Devil in the detail - Your initial post read, to me, that the whole thing was an organised coup. It definitely wasn’t. But I accept there were definitely factions within the group that probably wished it was and tried to act on it. How many were actual ‘ringleaders’ is probably yet to be determined.


Yup, looking back I can see how you got there. I’ve edited my original post for clarity.


Just read that they have found pipe bombs on site. That changes things

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There’s group trying to arrange another massive protest on inauguration day to prevent Biden from taking office on the day. :confused:

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Also, some who have already been identified from the attack are now of flight bans :smiley:


I wonder what that guy’s diary looked like?


  • 1pm - Watch speech by our glorious leader
  • 3pm - Storm Capitol Building
  • 3:30pm - A spot of vandalism


  • 2pm - Fly to Galverston for little Bobby Jo’s christening
  • 2:03pm - Get posted on social media as a bubbering mess


  • 8am - Wait and see the outcome of the felony trial. I might not need this diary for a while.

Props for using the crazy American calendar style format!


I hoped someone would appreciate the small details :slight_smile:


I thought he was a time traveller


“God dammit Larry, again? We spoke about this! I swear to go god this it, I’ve had it, I’ve had it, I’ve had it!”


A few interesting thoughts I saw, listening to the Democrats you would think the Anti-Christ is reborn! Yes The Orange Trumpet is an embarrassing idiot… the Dems want him removed from the Nuclear button…yet Trumpet is the only modern President NOT to start a foreign War…go figure…hes that dangerous lol
No one seems to be un-bias in the USA, agendas all over the place…

Many will disagree, you are welcome too. I’m just sick of the BS rhetoric and would like some honesty.

"Why is a 5 hour Protest on Capitol Hill more appalling to you than the 7 month long destructive siege of our Cities?

Why is some minor cosmetic damage to the Capitol building more appalling to you than 150 Federal Buildings damaged, and thousands of businesses burned down or destroyed?

Where was the outrage and disgust when more than 30 people died and 1000 people were injured and beaten during 7 long months of “mostly peaceful protests”, including old People and Police Officers?

Where was the outrage and disgust when US cities across the Country were plagued with looting, violence, arson, vandalism, and damages totalling in the Billions?!!

Why is it ok for AOC, Pelosi, Maxine Watters, Kamala Harris, etc to call for uprisings and support unrest in the streets, but when Trump calls on his supporters to “march over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”, he is made out to be the Anti-Christ?!!

Maybe because it’s a “Manufactured” Outrage designed to further divide an already completely fractured Country."

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I’m not sure he called for peaceful March to be honest. That’s just nonsense

And as for wars. Well he did assassinate an Iranian General. Prompting retaliation. Lucky that didn’t spiral.

Didn’t he sack director of the FBI coz he was going to remain impartial and not loyal?

Tried to subvert investigations into Russian lines in last elections.

He publicly praised the Proud Boys? Far right fascist group?

The man is an idiot and the world is better and safer with him gone.


What he asked for was nothing different to what the Dems have been saying for 4 years.

point 2 - Any POTUS would have done the same, eg Obama and Bin Laden.

Yes, thats life, I’d also want Loyal people around me, wouldn’t you?

Zero evidence of that Scot, hence no charges. Lets see what Biden does regarding his Son Hunter :wink:

Yes the Man is an idiot, i never said he wasn’t, but in all honesty ,which is severely lacking in regard to him, I was just exposing the shocking BS and hypocrisy out there, I can see both sides not just one.

As for the pathetic Impeachment…well, after all the BS Dems have been spouting about healing the Nation and bringing it back together they are doing the opposite, the Tool will be gone in a couple of days so its a shame the Dems cannot show decency and grace and stop acting like Little Trumps and not antagonize 42% of the population.

I agree that the Democrats trying to impeach is just stupid. It all just added to his supporters arguments - they risk making him a Martyr.

It’s the same with banning him from social media. I get why - to stop him spreading messages that instigate direct action.

Here’s the funny thing though… The so called “Arab Spring” of 2010 to 2012 was influenced and organised by the mass exchange of messages through platforms like Twitter and Facebook to allow the populous to overthrow their governments and leaders.

That happened on Obama’s watch.

Sooooo it’s OK for social media tech companies to allow groups - potentially terrorist groups - to organise in countries in the middle east… but the second it is done on home soil… BAN BAN BAN.

Twitter Revolution: How the Arab Spring Was Helped By Social Media (

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FBI are there to uphold the law, not political agenda. Loyalty has no place in it. Loyalty is why police organisations still have extremely busy anti-corruption units.

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As it should be. The Police should never be in the pocket of the state.

point 2 - Any POTUS would have done the same, eg Obama and Bin Laden.

Hmm not 100% convinced on that one. As for 1 the US would likely have still be in the nuclear deal which he withdrew from. And circumstances may have been very different. So you cannot say that. Bit it is fact that he did order it.

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Zero evidence of that Scot, hence no charges. Lets see what Biden does regarding his Son Hunter :wink:

Er? The point is he subverted it
Not whether their is or not. And I may be wrong but I thought there was evidence of Russian involvement? Thinking aloud.

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The comparison between what happened during the Arab Spring and why it happened, with what happened in the Capitol is disingenuous at best.

In its simplest form the Arab Springs were “a series of anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world…in response to oppressive regimes and a low standard of living.” It was in response to years of tyranny and oppression and came from a desire in many places to replace that tyranny with democracy via (initially) peaceful demonstration. It has a myriad of sprawling reasons for instigation, development, success and failure. In some places the government switched off media sites like Facebook to prevent their easy communication while holding control of the country against the people’s will.
The Arab Spring was not in response to losing an election. It was not carried forward by well-fed and legitimately represented voters. It was not enacted on by spur of the moment “happened to be there” mothers, grandmothers and “event chaser”. It was not something spurred on by the leader of their countries. These are people whose families were fighting for life in many cases and at the absolute minimum were fighting to end oppression.

The Mein Trumph asshats have nothing in common with those people.


You’re right. How disingenuous of me. Sorry.

Politics smolitics. That’s what I say.

We can all agree that the world is defo going to shit live on TV. Dunno whether to get the popcorn or avert my eyes.