The world of Days Gone




And some screenshots.


really looking forward to this. when it was first shone off i was ehh zombies but then saw it’s staring same witwer and im in 100%

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Translated from Danish from here

The team behind Days Gone has revealed to a number of journalists, including Gamereactor’s own, that the main story itself will take about 30 hours to complete. In addition, the game offers a full six hours of “cinematics”, that is, arranged intermediate scenes.

Although Sony Bend would not talk specifically about the size of the world, they said it was “huge” with lots of page activity, so something suggests that Bend spent the time just adding extra content and polishing the entire package.

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I’m not gonna watch it, too much information for my liking. But for those that want to.


The weather change stuff is AMAZING!

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Would love this to be on PC


Sony first party studio… So, only way that would be possible is the day it appears on PS Now.


Think im gunna have to steal my daughters PS4 and get used to controllers :slight_smile:

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