The ZiiP Playlist


Now I know most of us listen to music online through apps like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube etc.

But I wanted to see if we could build a playlist of ZiiP. Now, unlike the previous thread, in the distant forum, this thread should not display full youtube videos as we have seen this bring down the forum.

So I wanted to suggest that you add songs in “TEXT” format - Name of song, artist, album (if applicable) and put links to songs in the “Summary” if you want to link to a video.

Also, I am not after you adding all your songs from your no 1 playlist but any song you have added in the past year, say from August 2018 onwards that you want to recommend to others.

So I will start this off with a few recommendations - if you want to hear, just search your stream and give it a listen:

Nina Cried Power - Hozier
Everybody Loves You - SOAK
Venom - Eminem
Everybody’s Free - Quindon Tarver
Jumpsuit - Twenty One Pilots
Helter Skelter - Rob Zombie
Empty House - Billy Lockett
Human Radio - Shinedown
Wargasm (NSFW) - Ministry
Starchild - Dune
And it Began with you - Gary Numan
Flashback (Bill Brown Vox Mix) - Tom Wax
The Connemara Fox - The Waterboys
Schiz(o)topia - Suicide Commando
Billie Jean - Chris Cornwell
Echoes - Victories at Sea
Heliopause (ASOT 806) - Robert Nickson
The Kill (Bury Me) - Thirty Seconds to Mars
Spread Love (Paddington) - Boston Bun

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