They Are Billions - RTS with a Twist

I’ll chuck a video up later but picked this up a the end of last week.


It’s a steampunk zombie survival RTS in the mould of Age of Empires, where you build and expand a human settlement into zombie heartlands and hold off waves of zombies over a period of time.

It’s an absolute time sink and an excellent hangover cure/podcast game. Definitely worth a look.

Early access at the moment but the devs are doing a single player campaign and tweaking/expanding the survival mode that this game consists of at the moment.

It’s also VERY HARD. But there is a pause button so you don’t have to have South Korean teen reflexes to play it :slight_smile:


I watched a bit of gameplay on twitch the other night, it does look quite interesting!

I’m pretty pants at RTS games but I still enjoy them for some reason! The pause option may help me!