Thinking of upgrading

Cpu: Intel core i7 3770 @3.40ghz

Ram: 16gb dual channel ddr3 @798 mhz 9-9-9-24

Gpu: nvidia gtx 960 (I was thinking of my old old card haha)

Mobo: gigabyte p67a-ud4-b3 (socket 1155)

I’m thinking of upgrading my graphics card
Currently on the same nvidia one I’ve had for donkeys think it’s a 1060 I’ll check later and update.

and scan does finance so figured why not
get a fairly decent one instead of just one that’s okay

I’m also after a monitor nothing massive as I’m only little.

So my summary what’s worth looking at and what’s just plain overboard for what I actually need I basically just want to play kingdom come and bannerlords without the lag and low settings

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I’ve been looking recently, and it seems these days the GFX card to choice is directly related to your monitor resolution and what use-case you intend to have.

Keep in mind that, for example, 4K is the equivalent of running 4x 1080P monitors (roughly) - then you need quite a beast of a card to get frames rates over 60FPS (and obviously a 4K monitor).

4K isn’t really mainstream in my humble opinion - but 2K ( or running at 2560x1440) is - I struggle with 1080P monitors now.

So, going back to use cases, if you just want to play games and you want them FAST so you get best reaction times and kick everyones arse… then you want to stick with 1080P and get something like an AMD 5800 I believe.

However, if you want a bit of “Wow” factor for games, films porn etc, then look at a 2560x1440 monitor - as big as you can go - say 27" or 32" and get a RTX 2060 Super

“Super” is the recent versions. Crap name in my opinion.

If you want to splash the cash, go big and get a 2070 or 2080. But for the latter, you’ll be looking at over a grand.

I personally still like EVGA as a brand, with MSI second. However, I’m still running a 970GTX so I’m sure someone here will actual experience of better cards will give been advice…


Don’t get an AMD card untill they fix their driver shite…

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Cheers jess every little helps I’m just after info as I haven’t a clue on cards or monitors I’ve currently got my pc on a 40inch telly and it’s to awkward an card isn’t strong enough to play on so pc is collecting dust which is just a waste

Have a look at a few hw reviews on youtube. Hardwareunboxed does roundups of monitors and cards.

Also don’t forget Gamers Nexus on youtube as well.
Remember that some games will require a good CPU so that you are not bottlenecking the card.
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That’s another thing I was thinking about I’ll post up my specs when I get home tonight I should of waited till then really :man_facepalming:t3:

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As Jester said, look at what frequency and resolution you’re running at. Running 1080p 60fps is fairly easy to achieve for <200 on a GPU.

As Raven said, AMD cards have some shocking drivers. my Rx580 had to be replaced because the temp control on it was utterly dumb, revving the fans to max strength if so much as a degree over the limit. Had to do some fiddling with the controls every time a driver update went out.

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Cheers guys I’ve added my specs
I’m hoping just getting a monitor will sort things

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Monitor - upon recommendations from here, I bought a 32" AOC thingy.

Have a quick searchy, Buggs, as I suspect that may help for bang per buck for what you want yer PC to do.

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Also, budget fella.

We can spec anything you want, but unless we have a budget to start with… it could get messy :wink:

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Ummo fekin £600 or something :thinking:
I had plans for a Gpu / monitor

I’ve also got a tv to sell which will go towards it
Plus its nearly time to claim my tax back voot voot

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TBH, and happy to be challenged on it - I would spend on gfx card. And look at FB marketplace or gumtree or ebay local for a monitor. Don’t need 4k, so folk will have gone 4k and be selling their old (but good) monitor for pennies. Probably. :slight_smile:
Or wait for tax refund and then go fekin mental. :crazy_face:

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I can’t go to nuts got Budapest next month and booked another adventure holiday with my little one and I’m like a hundred certain my child maintenance is gonna go up this year aswell haha but I feel like I’m not myself with out my pc


So if I were to get a 3dcard would my Cpu throttle it at all?

Not going to give you a straight answer. It depends on what you play, what resolution etc. I would say the following: save up your pennies for a full upgrade. I had a 4770 and that was the bottleneck for me before I upgraded last time. Start up a game and use a third party app that records your CPU etc usage, you will see if that 3770 is at 100% most of the time.

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3770k on a 1440p screen might actually be a reasonable bottleneck, especially with no OC. Check what Raven suggested first and maybe save up.

A cheap, and substantial, upgrade would be an AMD 3600 (around 170Euro) +B450 or x570 motherboard and a RTX 2060. I would avoid the 5600XT like a plague, there was a major shitstorm going on with AMD changing the power limits and RAM speeds with the newer BIOS flash. Can cause them to run pretty hot at best and increased the failure rate at worst.

AMD 3600 - 170 Euro
cheap good x570 motherboard - Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite - 220Euro
OR B450 motherboard - MSI B450 Tomahawk Max - 110Euro

RTX 2060 - 380Euro (what the fuck is wrong with GPU prices?)

OR custom 5600XT - around 330-350Euro

16GB of DDR4 - Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 - 80 -90Euro
(2x 8GB leaves room for later upgrade, “standard 3200 ram” should work with AMD)

total for RTX and x570, around 880 Euro (roughly 710 pounds).

I suggest saving up for this and get a better 1440p monitor later. I do pretty much the same right now.

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Just to jump in here… Should be RTX 2060 Super, don’t get the other one. There are a lot of products on that product stack and some research is in order as the pricing difference can be 20-30 euro and performance gain 10%.

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My advice matches @Zorndar. AMD CPUs are killing it at the moment and it doesn’t look like Intel are going to catch up anytime soon.

Note, as mentioned in the shower thread, that the cronova virus thingy will start pushing prices up. Even if it is just used as an excuse to do so…

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A 2060 Super is 450Euro at best for a standard model, that is a solid 70Euro more. The cheapest I could find was around 400Euro, and that was from a questionable source. Also for most games you don’t need the extra 10-15% at 1440p to achieve a good framerate. You will end around 90fps+ in most cases.

If you can afford the extra 20% in price for 10-15% more power do so, otherwise questionable.

I would advice on the x570 board though, they fit all modern Gen 3 Ryzen without issues, the older B450 boards are a bit of a gamble if you want to fit a high core count Ryzen as upgrade down the line (3800x, 3900x or 3950x).

I like how the worlds next deadly global pandemic is confined to “the shower” thread! Lol.

Carry on.

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