Thinking of upgrading

We contained it pretty well in there. Better not let it spread to the rest of the forum.

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Thanks guys I figured my Cpu wouldn’t cut butter anymore always fun to muck about
So basically I’m now looking for a

An a monitor

An I hope you wash your cocks before leaving the shower thread

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so mobo -

an cpu -

an gpu -

an ramadan -

i cant for the life of me recall how to make the link small an a clickly word :poop:

just want to make sure they are compatible together before i go waste time looky looing

Thoughts on 3000Mhz RAM for Ryzen?

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Okay your gonna have to explain this to me I thought the ryzen was the Cpu is the ram going to interfere with the Cpu?

Also what’s the thinking of my current 3dcard would it be an issue If I got everything but the 3dcard?

In reference to the RAM. Try and get 3600MHz or 3200 minimum if you want to get the best performance out of the CPU.

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Thank you I’m out of the loop on lingo so didn’t get what jess meant I just searched the name of the ram an not the actual specs haha

The Corsair memory is usually pretty cheap compared to others and also compatibility on most boards is good. I’ve got some LPX here myself. Fl3xxxo got some fancy RGB ones from Corsair after he had issues with another brand. You can have a look at the compatibility list on the MB vendors page to make sure if you want.

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AMD scales extremely well with ram speed. 3200 should be standard, higher is better

this is almost the same price, but 3200

hefty price hike but 3466 speed

I checked the RAM compatibilty list, the 32GB version of the 3200 is on there. As far as I can tell, same modules but 16GB instead of 32GB.

EDIT: The official AMD Ryzen list gives a bit more info beyond 3200 speeds, BUT not much for Corsair to find there.

BTW. the Gigabyte BIOS are always a bit iffy. If you don’t like them I would go with a MSI or ASUS. I had Gigabyte for the last two boards now and they worked well but seems I was lucky (?) maybe.

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My only motherboard iv ever used is gigabyte so happy to go with that one thank you really helps

Found another one, maybe. 3600, not to much more expensive and they are similar to the 3600 module I found on the compatibilty list (CMK16GX4M2Z3600C14). Only difference is less tight timigs but that typically means they have a higher chance of working.

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Lets be totally fair here. In the real world, would any of us notice the difference between 3000, 3200 or 3600 Mhz speed RAM when taking into account all of the other components or OS interfereing with performance? A RAM focussed benchmark with nothing else running isn’t how we use our machines. I have 3200 because it was the best value at the time. I would have bought 3000 if it was and probably not noticed. It’s all subjective.


so my basket currently looks like this

mobo * [Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE, AMD X570,

ram * [16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black, PC4-28800 (3600)]

cpu *AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600

monitor - HP 25x 144Hz Full HD Gaming Monitor (1920 x 1080) NVIDIA G-Sync & AMD FreeSync Compatible, 1 ms Response time (1 DP, 1 HDMI)

i figured if my gpu is still okay for medium to high i can wait abit
an possibly buy my mum a heated vest jacket for the cold


Gamersnexus made a really nice guide to it.They tested using games, the increses aren’t massive but measurable, typically a 10% boost. It simply is a AMD Ryzen thing, they just scale a bit with ram speed.

After seeing these I think the difference between the 3200 C16 kit and the 3600 C18 kit won’t be too high. What you gain from the clockspeed you loose from the weaker timings and both kits are “AMD optimised”.

okay thank you guys gonna order the mobo, ram an cpu an monitor tonight i think or maybe tomorrow i cant get delivers to my flat so have to organise with family members haha


You are working fast mate :slight_smile:


Well if I don’t do it while I can I probably never will plus get this out the way will then be able to sort out my holiday spends might have enough for a brass band

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Buggs -wahts the price difference between 3200 and 3600 CPU?

MAY be worth putting into gfx card instead…

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If maybe was a baby it would be grey and old already ordered everything bar the Gpu :man_shrugging: got my mate buying my telly monitor arriving Saturday stuff coming tomorrow me mums heated vest Saturday and then Thursday I’ll be catching that coronavirus off some Thai girl coughing down my winky :thinking:

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