This week in Gaming

PUBG on Console
Major legal battle for Star Citizen which could delay the game
Some BF1 information
Battalion 1944 news, delays and new trailer release date.
RS6 news - new mode could be coming (Outbreak)

Destiny 2 News
Star Citizen 3.0 Released
Dusk - enters Early Access
Dead Dozen - Trailer release
Other news

@Scottyboy Was telling me about this last night. 1.5 million users banned in PUBG out of a total of 3 million players. So every other player is a hacker in theory

Wow. Just. wow.

The 3 million figure is concurrent users Hammy. Total player base is around 23 million.

1.5 million though. Incredible. I bet that just skims the surface too. The trouble is, you only need 1 in 90 to be hacking for it to ruin the game.

That pc players @Jester or console as well. Though would explain why you get a 100 man server pretty quickest compared to waiting on 5 players on r6s

1.5 Million hackers… Wow… I’m going to assume all of these are PC players, I’m pretty sure hacks on console are very very rare… The closest thing I get to a hacker is someone on Rocket League that is very very good, creating a new account, just to have easier matches till they get high rank again, but that’s more abusing the system than hacks… But yeah … 1.5M … Jayus.

Smurf accounts as they are know On r6s. Seems to be the new thing. No idea how anyone can be arsed doing that.

Yeah called smurfs on RL too, just didn’t want to say it like that in case caused confusion haha… Well On console, at least on PS4, it’s as easy as just creating a new profile with random garbage. But I guess on PC it would mean buying the game all over again? Madness.

  • PUBG has the WORST Net Code!
  • Console PUBG has improvements!
  • Fornite - new silenced weapon
  • Paladin - new BR mode
  • RS6 exploit fixed
  • Insurgency Campaign - binned?
  • Other news
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Alot of PUBG issues explained right there. Cheers MIC.

  • BF1 - January Patch
  • Anthem delayed due to new BF game (late Oct 2018)
  • Paid transactions coming back to Battlefront 2
  • PUBG - desert map to be made more enjoyable / reshade
  • R6: Siege - Year 3 (outbreak)
  • Sandstorm gameplay trailer
  • Hunt Showdown Issues
  • B1944 - new patch
  • Far Cry 5 - bizarre DLC options
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - delayed again.
  • Console news (sales related)
  • Red dead Redemption 2 - Leaked Mode
  • PUBG Anti-Cheat Launch
  • PUBG Console fixes
  • Fortnite Server issue due to player counts
  • New Game - Fear the Wolves (from the people behind Stalker)
  • DAYZ is coming to XBOX
  • COD going back to Black Ops 4
  • Metal Gear Survive - new beta
  • Metro Exodus Details
  • Vampyr - release date June 5th
  • RS6 Free Weekend
  • BF1 Apocalypse out soon
  • NUKE - changes to map/game


  • Advert for Shit Shower & Shave Brand
  • RS6 - Two new Operators - Bio Hazard (Finka & Lion) - March 6th Release
  • Loot boxes restricted sales in US (possibly change to micro-transactions)
  • PUBG Roadmap due out in a few weeks
  • Epic Roadmap for Fortnite released
  • BF1 DLC reveal date - out 20th Feb (own goal scored by EA over afflications mode)
  • Sandstorm Hands On - Reviews
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance - Update (2 patches after release maxed to 37GB)
  • Valve has banned Insel Developer on Steam due to employees leaving reviews “as fans”
  • Star Citizen - New Ships revelaed
  • BF1 Stutter fix
  • BF 2018 - Reveal trailer at E3 event (June 9th)
  • Anthem spotlight at same event
  • Operation Chimera on Test Server RS6
  • PUBG adding Ping based matchmaking /instant heal fixed
  • Fortnite Season 3 Update - Major Update
  • H1Z1 loses 91% of players
  • New game Paladins… Hero based PUBG (8 characters to chose from)
  • Hunt Showdown
  • Other news including Metal Gear Survive, System Shock,