TIL: Battery powered GPUs can reduce your CO2 emissions

An ad on RPS…

GPU in this sense is ‘Ground Power Unit’, but its an ad attached to an article about AMD’s new GPUs - an article that feels really spiteful as an aside…link

I read that the other day, thought it more funny/light-hearted jokes than spiteful.

P.s the thing really does look like a doorstop and it’s wonderful to see someone taking the piss after all the marketing) glamour shots you see about graphics cards

Yeah its weird, those digs don’t come off to me as “British Humour/Sarcasm” like she claims in the comments, the door stop thing yeah - LOOK AT THAT THING! - but the rest of it read for me as digs rather than any kind of sarcasm.

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And I’m not even an AMD fan boi - I’ve been Team Green for most of my cards over the past nearly 20 years, it just felt a little mean spirited, like she expects it to be a flop.

I did find the glamour shots pretty funny though.

If I recall correctly, she was poking just as much fun at Nvidia prior to the release of the 2080s.

Ahh I didn’t catch that one, I’d have probably found it funnier if I had.