Tinterweb measuring gubbins

O hai.

Can you guys recommend me a live, always on top, free overlay that displays (measures) ping and internet speed (etc), kplzrhx? Even better if it records the readings…

Also, I keep getting “sticky” mouse and am using screen wipe things to sort it - any other recommendations / ideas?

Ta! :smiley:

Ping to what? Bandwidth will vary?

You got some issues with your connection?

Yeh - it’s great, then it isn’t… wanna see what’s going on, what programs are using resource and hopefully record it so taht can report to landlord with evidence to support them spending on MESH or similar.

But, gotta see if it’s my pc first… :wink:

Wireshark records network traffic. Not sure if it’s what you want/need

I shall look into it. Ta :smiley:

Wireshark will certainly give you alot of detail.

Windows performance monitor can be used to set up a log to monitor your bandwidth amongst other things.

Or just try and do some investigating at the times you are aware of any poor performance.
Check things like task manager resource monitor for network. This will show you any culprits runnin on your system at the time using any bandwidth.

Do you have access to the router? Is it a shared router? There may be tools in the admin panel for it to help analyse network traffic and bandwidth in use.

Could be a number of things affecting your tinterweb.


Shared router that I don’t have software access to, sadly. I don’t feel taht it’s others impact, as it happens when there’s no-one else in as well.

A mod in WoT gives ping and it fluctuates wildly between low 20s to 999 / fail.

I’m trying to discern whether it’s my PC or router / internet.

Ta Scotteh :slight_smile:

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You’d really need to see how the internet is shared from router. See what others are doing when you’re having issues.

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what Hammy says.

I mean even if it happens when other user or users are out, have they left a device in which could be updating/downloading periodically? But certainly easier for you to check your machine as you go and when you notice.

How are you connected to teh router Pantehs? Wired or wireless?

type “resource monitor” into start/search bar. Load up the resource monitor, whack it to network. Check it periodically. If you can leave it open on a second monitor? you can just observe anything happening as you go. If no second monitor just alt-tab to it when you need to.

Do no harm to start establishing some speed-test data as well. ookla speed test should be fine. This shows Download/Upload speed and ping to their servers. Take some over the course of the day and try and establish some norms.

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I be wireless - on motherboard. TBH, I have noticed it more since new build than with old PC… One windoze update gave windoze drivers, so I reinstalled intel drivers for the device - seemed to help. I had multiple disconnects one evening when playing.

And yeps, I got second monitor - I shall get teh resource gubbins going and do periodic speedtests.

I see a very basic spreadsheet coming… :smiley:

What the changes of hard wiring? Even running via power links. Your wireless signal could be shit or getting interference

Is it a Sky router by any chance?

If it is, just type the following IP in to the browser:

Then when the login comes up:

  • sky
  • admin

I can never remember the order when I’m not sat in front of it, but one is the password, one is the username. To change any of the setting you’ll need to grab the little plastic flap from the back of the router to main admin password.

The IP should be the same for most ISP routers, the logins are what differs but they’re usually either just generic or they follow a pattern (like the username is the account name and the password is the phone number, etc).

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Nopes - tis a Virgin one, sadly.

Admin password should be on the router. Most are. As vred says up will be or .254. It really sounds like you’re getting shit WiFi signal/interference or others taking bandwidth


+1 to this.

Pnats, you can check how busy the wifi channels for your router are with free mobile apps like ‘Wifi analyser’ which show you how busy each channel is in your location.

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Well, after a couple of hours with Perf and resource monitors running, seems like it’s Oculus software taht’s causing the spikes, even though it’s not “running”…

I’ll keep an eye on it over teh next week or so too and google for how to stop / disable it. A quick look showed some script, which I’m not comfortable with messing with the software code…

I had similar issues with HTC Vive software, just running updates and shizzle in the background

Is it linked to Steam so when you launch that it also launches Oculus services? Maybe check with @adrock he has Oculus.

Would have thought you can just end the task?

yeah there is a back end service that runs, though i don’t recall it causing me many issues (mine were down to usb device disconnects).

that’s the tool i used to stop it running when it wasn’t in use.

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I don’t have Steam open much, though - only when playing Steam based games.

@adrock - it DEFO spikes my wireless and takes a chunk of bandwidth when it does what it does. I got tray tool, but don’t run it on start-up, so would need to run taht to “deny” Oculus doing background stuffs?