Titanfall 2 - Should I uninstall?

I have the game but as usual people faded away and the game was replaced with something else.

Is anyone still playing this? Is it worth keeping this installed?

I’ve just reinstalled to play the PVE mode which is a good laugh. Adrock has it still too

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what Vred said. i knew it was coming but missed the release of frontier defense, but that was fun for a few rounds last night and i’ll be playing some more of it.

Grrr. I forgot to update this last night when I logged off. 18gb update. Il get it updated over night and will defo be on for a blast of this again.

I have it still installed. While Good, still think the 1st one is better. Be willing to try out the pve mode

I’ve just reinstalled it.I’m up for some PvE action!

I was surprised by the PVE - had some great games with Al (Vred) yesterday. Would be great to get a 4 man ZiiP co-op to try this.

It’s a good laugh and I’m burning through levels like crazy, unlocking stuff I’d written off as never getting to unlock because I’d fallen out with the PVP mode.

So far I’ve only lost 4 rounds, 1 when I played with Mic and the Pubs were getting themselves vaporised by Nuke titans and Ticks and the other three last night playing with three hopeless pubs leading to a failed game.

Really needs team work in the later rounds or the Extractor will get swamped with Nukers and Ronins and you’re basically fucked since, even if you managed to kill everything the Nuke titans still do damage to the Extractor just by dying near it. Watched 50% Extractor health get wiped off as I wiped out 7 nukers, three Ronins and two Tones on my own while the pubs were worrying about Grunts and Stalkers. Stupid pubber twats.

Th eb and flow of the rounds is really important in the late game when they start spamming Ronins and Nukers with Sprinkles of Tones, Scorchers and Legions in there. The Ronins stay mostly in amongst the other titans and use their shock fields to warn you off getting in to the mix with the pack so you’re constantly yoyoing back and forward avoiding them and looking out for a Nuker to go critical while dodging shots from everything else and all the Ticks the Reavers pump out at you.

One of the games with Mic I killed 37 titans on my own and most of that was the last two rounds - I was plowing through the fuckers with the mag launcher in their landing zone before they’d even had chance to scratch their metal balls while the pubs were worrying about the chaff mobs and Mic was culling off the Plasma Drones.

Really fun stuff, especially when you get in to a rhythm and really put your agility to use, using the enemy titans weaknesses to your advantage and ripping through them at choke points.


I tried finding a game for Pve Coop mode yesterday, forget it. Its hardly played already on the asian servers as it is, let alone PvE mode.

Can we maybe get a game going on Friday?

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I can re install. Haven’t played since before the update

Have to say, enjoying the PVE mode. Even on easy its bloody hard!

I’ve reinstalled it. Why not? It’s a cracking game and that PVE looks immense.

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Could get a full ZIiP squad instead of part ZiiP part pubber.

If your not on early enough you might not get a game. Had a few full squads already

Story of my gaming life.