Tom Cruise declares War on HD TVs

I have noticed the ghosting and thought it was my eyes. I shall be investigating my TVs this evening

What an odd thing to hear from Tom Cruise…I’ll check it out though.

I’m assuming he means what happens when parts of films end up looking like they are live scenes?

An example that I have experienced is where an outdoor scene where someone runs across a roof and jumps to another building, I see several ghosts of the jump - maybe 5-10 images of the actor close together and then rejoin and they land the jump.

Fecking annoying

I’ve had nothing like this but then again I’ve never had an HD ready TV. Always went for full hd or better. Never understood the thinking in hd ready when full hd is there and not that much different in price.

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Turns out “Ghost Protocol” was scripted prematurely

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I thoroughly endorse this message. Been trying to get my sister-in-law and parents-in-laws to sort this out for years but they won’t listen.

The first thing I do when I get a new TV is turn off all the “features” they just make everything shit. Be it motion plus or whatever to contrast enhancers etc etc. I wish they didn’t have them, as so many people who aren’t in the know are generally watching in an oversaturated setting, or details are lost in shadows due to enhancers… Most of the time to get an image to that which is “Natural” and as intended all of that tat goes off.

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This made me contemplate my TV purchases. Since I moved into my first flat in 1999. I have purchased 3 Televisions.
A Sony 32 Inch widescreen when widescreens were just starting to be a thing. Big heavy fecker. Had matching cabinet, and matching DVD Surround system
A Panasonic 42" Full HD Plasma screen to mount on wall when I moved into new house in 2007. Was a crakcing television. Still going strong at my mums today.
And my current TV. 55" Sony Bravia smart TV jobby. Got it about 5 Years ago. This has 3d on it but has never been used in anger to watch a full movie.

So probably got about 4 or 5 years before next purchase.