TotalBiscuit died yesterday in the age of 33

Just heard about it, even though it was long coming it hit me suprisingly hard this morning when I read about it. I’m watching his videos for longer then I can remember, due to his show I learned a shit ton about games and discovered a metric shit ton of them too I would otherwised have missed.

Rest in piece John Bain.

Credit must be given to him for facing it with such great posture and attitude. He knew death was coming for him and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. He faced it with style.


Jeez…didnt even realise he was ill.

Not seen his vids for a long time but the ones i did see were great.


Christ - I’d heard nothing from him in a long time, no idea he was ill :frowning: Too young, too young :frowning:

An amazing personality, super professional and was a massive proponent for consumer rights and standards for gaming as a whole.

Fuck Cancer. 33 years old and taken by that shit. That’s just not right.

Absolutely terrible news. Taken far far far too young. :frowning:

yea I read last night… horrible… His family…

he was awesome, took it all in his stride, even through treatment he still did his pod casts, and videos and everything else… and amazing guy!


33? Fuck. I thought he was closer to 40. Not that that makes anything any better.

Wasn’t a great fan of his but had respect for the way he did a lot of things. RIP.

I watched a few of his vids but not a regular watcher, I too had no idea he was ill.

33 is too young! RIP.