Tracks - The Train Set Game

I know I’m a bit of a train geek…

…but this actually looks like quite good fun - and possibly the most polished looking game that Excalibur Publishing has (or is) releasing to date. (I’m a big fan of Excalibur, because in an industry full of nobs, the owner is a really really nice guy).

Sometimes it is good to play something that doesn’t involve killing people. Apparently.

Depending on price, I’ll probably pick this up.


That looks quite therapeutic.

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Yeah, I think so too. Pre-ordered as it was only £6.29

It’s a computer version of Brio… I kinda want it now.

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OK… This is clearly for Train geeks.

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For the record. I am not a train geek. But I used to love playing with those train tracks when I was a kid. And now I can do it secret without anyone ever knowing. :steam_locomotive:


For the record, I am a train geek.


I think your opening line in the original post

gave that a way.