Trail running!

So, I’m going to sign up to a Tough Mudder this summer, but only doing a half one.

In advance of that, I’ve ordered a pair of these:


Ohhh nice!
Good luck with the run

Whatever you do do NOT run on roads or pavements for any distance with these kinds of shoe!


I did Runamuck years ago (it was a lot of fun) and this looks better. You’ll have an absolute blast.
I’m currently looking at this all night 300km cycle seeing as it’s only next door :slight_smile:!

The description of some the riders about 3 am street parties and hillbilly type bands while they cycle past sound amazing.


Nice! Tell me how you like them as I was looking into trail running shoes, mainly for jogging around the hills/forest here at work. I was looking mainly at Merrel though as they are easy to get and cheap here in Korea!

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The Merrell stuff is done in conjunction with Tough Mudder, but it seems to be a case of splitting hairs in terms of which is better between the 2 brands. To be honest, i prefer the look of the Salomon stuff and the heavier studs on the soles look like they might be a bit better for running out here on the farm.

I have trackways all over the place, I might as well use them to my advantage if I actually want to get fit again.

Fook… some of the new obstacles!

“You’re going to Tough Mudder Ireland - Saturday, 21 July, 2018!”

Holy fuck, what have I signed up for…

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A lot of running through mud, well mostly mud but it’s best not to think about that

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Shoes still haven’t arrived. Apparently, they were delivered on Tuesday. That’s news to me as I sure as shit didn’t receive anything! :confused: