Trail running!


So, I’m going to sign up to a Tough Mudder this summer, but only doing a half one.

In advance of that, I’ve ordered a pair of these:


Ohhh nice!
Good luck with the run


Whatever you do do NOT run on roads or pavements for any distance with these kinds of shoe!


I did Runamuck years ago (it was a lot of fun) and this looks better. You’ll have an absolute blast.
I’m currently looking at this all night 300km cycle seeing as it’s only next door :slight_smile:!

The description of some the riders about 3 am street parties and hillbilly type bands while they cycle past sound amazing.


Nice! Tell me how you like them as I was looking into trail running shoes, mainly for jogging around the hills/forest here at work. I was looking mainly at Merrel though as they are easy to get and cheap here in Korea!


The Merrell stuff is done in conjunction with Tough Mudder, but it seems to be a case of splitting hairs in terms of which is better between the 2 brands. To be honest, i prefer the look of the Salomon stuff and the heavier studs on the soles look like they might be a bit better for running out here on the farm.

I have trackways all over the place, I might as well use them to my advantage if I actually want to get fit again.


Fook… some of the new obstacles!


“You’re going to Tough Mudder Ireland - Saturday, 21 July, 2018!”

Holy fuck, what have I signed up for…


A lot of running through mud, well mostly mud but it’s best not to think about that


Shoes still haven’t arrived. Apparently, they were delivered on Tuesday. That’s news to me as I sure as shit didn’t receive anything! :confused: