Turn based / Real time stratagy games

Just chanced upon this earlier today, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

Haven’t heard much about this at all. Loved the show, both of them, and this seems to be a solid game, the developers have previously done something similar with a game called Starhammer.
Deadlock utilises a “wego” system, like the star wars miniatures or Armada boardgames, so moves are planned out by both sides and then executed at the same time and has an xcom like aspect in that you have to keep the 12 colonies happy to get continued funding. The game offers a single player campaign and multiplayer, both co-op and vs. Hopefully this game will be a bit better multiplayer-wise compared to Battlefleet Gothic as I played one or two multiplayer games with Caolan and that really just fleet like throwing ships at each other without much thought as to tactics.

WTF from totalbiscuit

P.s Not too sure if I should have a separate thread for this game or to have a general one where people can just throw in any turn based or rts games they like the look of, like frozen synapse or battletech