TV Help Please

Hey guys. I know a lot of you here know more about TV,s than i do so need a bit of help.

At the moment we have this TV upstairs in the bedroom

Its playing up (sound comes on but no picture…then after 15-60 mins the picture will come back). Ive looked around for new boards to swap out but they are few and far between. Misses has just said she cant be arsed to be waiting around for me to fix it so has found a few other TVs, that she likes the look of.

These are:

Sorry about the links.

Any views from you peeps in the know?

Don’t know much about TVs. Out of those two it would have to be the LG. I’ve had the LG for a year and a half and no problems with it.

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Linsar is only 50Hz - which on 60" 4K is surely going to be noticeable. LG is 60Hz - Although I think that the equal the same thing when on a UK power supply. There is probably some processing to compensate.

Only thing to consider with a large screen and LED is if you go for a full or local matrix. This basics means that the LEDs turn off/dim in dark areas of the screen to give a fuller black. Done wrong though, and you get weird bleeding.

At that price/budget - The LG has great reviews and frankly, if I was buying a new TV (which I am too) then I’d really only be looking at LG or Sony.

The TV I have been focusing on is only 55" - It’s this:

But I haven’t fully decided yet.

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Thx Jes. Yea ive always been with Samsung and LG si i was more heading towards the LG but the misses was tempted by the 6 year guarantee on the Linsar. Thx for the advice

What’s the budget pal?

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Im guessing about the 450 mark as thats what both sets are at.

The LG indeed looks very good for the price and size of screen. States HDR10, so at least you know it’s not “HDR Ready” crap also has HLG which is for BBC iPlayer HDR stuff. Looks overall to be a good TV.


Thx Pip. I was aiming for that one but just wanted a some “yeah its a good TV” from some ppl in the know :slight_smile:

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Did you get it??

Did you get it???

Did you get it???

Is it good?!!


Lol yep got the LG. Very nice. Crisp image straight out the box and decent sound.
Amazon, Netflix and now TV buttons all on the remote so easy to get too.

Not played around with settings at the mo as misses is always watching the TV but might have a look to see if there is anything else I can get out of it.