So, you all know I shit at it, but I ok at driving games, which one could argue is almost ultimate twitch…

How TF do I improve at twitchy shit?

Thinking on it - driving is not SO twitchy - reaction of vehicles is expected and known, so not SO much processing nor twitch as I have an expectation, so am ready to react…



Practice mate pure & simple. Not the greatest myself but playing plenty of twitchy games does help improve your reaction times.


What Pete said. The “twitch” is actually just recognising a situation and reacting in a practised way. Reflexes are learned. Read “Bounce” by Matthew Syed it’s great at explaining.


Yep, practice makes perfect. If you are talking about shooters then teaching yourself where to look would be a good starting point. Essentially spot people before they spot you. Then your reactions don’t need to be as fast.


Its an age thing Pants :wink:

Thats why I play ARMA Wastelands, not twitchy at all, you have time to plan your attacks or ambushes :slight_smile:


That is true ofcourse, reactiontimes go down overtime.


Fair points! I have done a bit of real driving and have a slight clue about “feel” and vehicle dynamics / weight transfer etc, so I suspect that I r ok at driving games due to that and the inordinate amount of hours I have played them, thus practise. Mind, I will question that it’s made my driving perfect!!! :joy:

I didn’t think of it like that, TBH… Ta!