Uber Data Hack

Now I know that data hacks are pretty common these days… but this is pretty major, mainly because:

  • It was huge
  • It was covered up

So that’s 57 million customer name, addresses and mobile phone records that were taken. The report mentions how the breach occurred - and that’s because the code for the app was held on a private Github repository that was breached, and that contained Uber’s Amazon AWS login credentials.

I mean - what the fuck. I get GitHub and I get it is used by businesses - but surely you don’t store your production credentials in a repository? Why not use a completely private git server too if you are a multiple billion dollar company, rather than relying on Github?

Then to attempt a cover up? wow.

I only hear bad things about Uber. Surprised they are still going.

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This is a major fuck up, but I get why Uber is still going strong. When I was on honeymoon in merica it was brilliant. To get around we didnt use anything else. Thankfully, when we did use it, it was with an old credit card.

But with this, it will lose a lot of stock, credit and customers, but the idea is sound and if they fail, something will take its place, as the idea is a good one.

less convinced that’s an uber issue than a shit dev issue. I doubt Uber’s management asked for it to be done that way, so it’s down to whoever made that decision (and in turn whoever hired them or gave them a position of responsibility where they could make such a fuck up), but i’d be surprised if that’s anyone particularly high up.

In Edinburgh they’re terrible; they started by hiring only 3 drivers so you couldn’t actually get a pick up from them; they’ll do pickups from my work, but not to it because it’s outside their area (wtf?!?), and the few times i’ve considered them they’ve wanted more than a cab costs so i’ve gotten a cab instead. My old flatmate in SF swears by them though, so it probably just depends where you are.