Uber loses its license to operate in London

No sure this is the right tag for this but anyway.

Any of us here from London and use Uber? You may not be doing that for much longer! They have not had their license renewed for London! Now this could be massive for them.

I’ve used Uber a good few times when I was on honeymoon and thought it was great. Not so much when I got home as its not as big, less drivers and the pricing is a bit mad! (Price goes up in busy areas/times).

I did even notice in Amsterdam there was Uber Food, which from what I can see, is just like just eat only you contact uber and they will go and puck up anything for you, maccy ds I think may be included.

Now will this affect Uber in the UK if the biggest city turns them down? I know it was trying to get more drivers over here but if they might lose their license it could affect a lot of drivers who have just moved.

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Definitely a move to protect London Black Cabs. I can see Uber pushing this through the courts… government interference on free enterprise of some crap…

They have 21 days yo appeal, though the Mayor has supported the ruling.

I have had to use Uber once, and that was in London.

I would not ever use it again. I’d rather pay the higher price of a London cab.

This is for moral and ethical reasons, and because the experience that time was so completely shit.

Personally I hope they are outlawed in more places.