Ubisoft supporting Notre-Dame de Paris


A very classy move and a good chance for people to give Unity a shot.

I played it a while ago after all the patches and fixes and it’s a great game. Plus they had one person spend AGES modelling and recreating Notre-Dame de Paris.


That is very cool of Ubisoft. Fair play.


All very nice gestures from Ubisoft and the likes but how about the RC church which owns Notre Dame putting their hands in their own pockets? Considering they have an estimated wealth of 10-15 billion, I’m sure they can afford to pay for the rebuild themselves.


They won’t accept any responsibility for babies ‘disposed’ in septic tanks in Ireland in “Mother and Baby Homes” nor their persistent covering of child abuse… I doubt they’ll cough up anything if it affects their assets.

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Seen my Facebook post? If so, I shan’t repeat.

If not, please let me know :slight_smile:


Whilst I’m not religious in the slightest, I do like cathedrals personally. More from a historical and architectural point of view than what they represent.

They do attract a lot of tourism and thus generate a lot of revenue for a city. If a private company like Ubisoft wants to give it’s profits to help restore, then fair play. I do agree however that the church should foot the bill over the tax payer.


Absolutely agree.

BUT! For the right reasons. Pleaseto see my FB post for my issues. And yep, I’m a HUGE fan of irreplaceable history. Hnce my giddyness at Goodwood.



Don’t get me wrong it would be a great shame to see a great building like Notre Dame disappear, I’ve been in many cathedrals in the UK & abroad both as a tourist & to perform (acoustics are unreal for bugle playing). As I’ve said it’s all very nice that the likes of Ubisoft are willing to help towards the restoration but I’ve a very strong feeling the RC Church will expect such help from private companies & more than likely french tax payers to foot the bill than pay a single penny themselves.

@Reno I wouldn’t say it’s escalated at all, just don’t see any need for anyone to help pay for something the owner can easily afford themselves.

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Thanks for the heads-up about this @Reno
After the bad taste left in my mouth from playing the first excruciating 20 minutes or so of Assassinsinsins Creed:Cor Blimey Guv’nor Syndicate in Lahndahn, this has been absolutely worth the try. It plays so much better and feels so much more real. And getting to pretend to be a hunchback is exquisite;

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Honestly My second favourite Creed game ( black flag is first) i think Arno is a fantastic character and really well acted.

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Should have stuck with it. Great assassin creed game that got me back in to the ac games after the horrible ac3.

Not played Black Flag, as I didnt like the ship battles in AC3 (?), also personally best AC game was brotherhood. Easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Saying that, the latest 2 are both smashing games.

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