Ubisoft The Division eqpt spreadsheet

O hai. As I’ve now 2 characters at top level with masses of kit and limited time to play, I’m toying with producing myself a spreadsheet of info for the characters and kit to see what I’m missing and alternatives for my general pve play to achieve a great functional but fun build.

I’ve not looked about to see if it’s been done (I know of a couple of online google docs that show ALL kit with certain info) but to get a full on “customisable” kit builder is my intent, but for teh kit I have / gather.

It’s just an idea at the mo (so may fall away) so if anyone has any top tips / top tools / existing stuff / ideas, please let me know. As it may well fall away (time / bothered / knackeredness) please don’t expend much time / energy in looking for / at stuff nor firing ideas at me.


Reet, now the GET is done with, I toying with resurrecting this idea. Soooooooo, back to the original question. Anyone any ideas or tips or summat?

see other Division thread… guide to kits etc.

Is this to track your gear pants or is meant to be a template to help others track their own stuff?

I have put a little thought into what I might do for myself in an evernote table that I started to make up where I list the gear set pieces, their gear score, perks etc. so I can visualise what will work well with each other as the game does make it quite hard to compare stuff in one easy to see place.

I noted recently that mods increasing accuracy was hurting the DPS on my famas due to a perk that it has so it now features a 12x scope on top to double the hilarity factor and it bumped my DPS on that thing by more than 10K :open_mouth::crazy_face:

My gear initially, but happy to share!

And EXACTLY for your second paragraph. :slight_smile:

Mic - I have watched well into double-figures vids about gear and builds etc - I not smart enough to figure it out on my own, but alos how I know so much!! And after every patch due to potential meta changes, I do another ound of digging :slight_smile: