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So, a general thread for the UFC :slight_smile:

GSP, the undisputed monster of the 170lb division is coming back after 4 years - at 185lbs to fight Michael Bisping, who has more wins in UFC history than anyone else and is the current champion.

Bisping has been decent as a champion and a legendary fighter throughout his career, but hot damn I want George to come back and show the world and all of the newer UFC followers, just what made him the GOAT.

Now, can’t really call him the GOAT if you look at the lower weight classes, since Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has successfully defended his title ELEVEN times now, surpassing Anderson Silva in title defences.
It’s sad to say though, that there just hasn’t been a reasonable challenger in the flyweight division. DJ is seemingly untouchable and he is a phenomenal fighter in every sense.

This was the most recent fight, that fucking armbar conversion… :open_mouth:

3 weeks until the Bisping vs GSP fight!

That mighty mouse win at the weekend was unreal!

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Fair play to Borg for hanging on for almost the full 5 rounds, but DJ is just unbelievable, he out-classes everyone else in that division.

The lower weight divisions don’t really get enough attention, partly due to the fact that they’re such small fighters (both men and women) that there isn’t as much of a bloodbath as there usually is at the higher weight classes. Also, when you have someone dominate a division like he has… you kind of stop caring to some extent because nobody has ever really come close to offering a legitimate challenge!

GSP’s the one from Captain America The Winter Soldier, right? He played Georges Batroc (the Leaper).

well, i’ve exhausted my relevant knowledge :slight_smile:

You sir are indeed correct! I’d actually like to see him make a return to the franchise, even if it is a small one.

One of the reasons why he left 4 years ago was because he found himself genuinely wanting to hurt the other fighters, rather than competing against them…

Tony Ferguson did a good job against Kevin Lee and I’m glad he won instead of Lee. Lee’s had a short time in the UFC and the shit-talking that lad was doing was silly for his performance record so far.

Ferguson vs McGregor has been confirmed now, so I’m eager to see Conor come back to the octagon.

Didn’t GSP fail a roids test?

Nope! Johnny Hendricks was accused of it. He also can’t make weight to save his career.

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This dude makes some of the best promo videos out there:

Could Ferguson vs McGregor be the new year fight? Quite possibly…

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Ferguson vs McGregor would be a great fight. Hope it happens.

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This is something I can see myself getting in to - Kate too I think - but I know so little about the ‘seasons’ or when/where it’s shown I’m not sure where to start.

Any helpful advice? I’d love to make this a weekly fixture like some of you do with football.

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GSP left UFC partly due to his antidrugs feelings. The guy is a legend. One of my fav fighters. Randy is the other one.


Generally the UFC have fight nights on every couple of weeks around the world, but they’re all scheduled off Vegas time. Normally, they’re on at about 1-4am GMT.

BT Sport 2 shows them for free, so if you can connect to that, then you can watch it live, otherwise it requires buying Fight Pass or downloading the event.

There are the Preliminary Fights, or the undercard, which has the rising hopefuls and those looking to get ahead in their career and make it to the main show.

Then there is the Main Card Event, which is the primary fight and 4-5 fights leading up to it.

All fights are 3 x 5-minute rounds, except for headliner and title fights, which are all 5 x 5-minute fights.

There are 8 weight classes for Men.

There are 3 weight classes for Women.

You can check all the current fighters and the leaderboards here: http://www.ufc.com/fighter/Weight_Class?id=

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Any on while we are at yours @NaloaC

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Yup! Fight Night on FS1: http://www.ufc.com/event/ufc-fight-night-sydney-2017#/fight

Fabricio Verdum vs Marcin Tybura in a heavyweight bout.

Joanne Calderwood from Scotland is fighting on the main card too.


Maybe we can utilise this again :slight_smile:


Yes, yes we can!


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I just sent off an email to see if I can get a place as an audience member for an interview with McGregor on RTE television :smiley:

Not a hope in hell it’s happening, but would be cool.


Yeah I’d somehow got him and drugs muddled in my head, as Caolan pointed out I think it would have been when Nick Diaz was accusing him…

Nick Diaz is a cunt.

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Meh, he’s a thug, I respect where he’s come from to be where he is. Nick Diaz is a fucking incredible fighter though and should never have gotten the ban he ended up with.