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Oh granted, but you can still be a great fighter and a cunt. :grin:


Nick Diaz is different kettle of fish to his bro though.


Watching Fight Night on FS1 - Sao Paulo. Hoping to see a lot of Brazilians being knocked out. They really do have the worst crowd for these events.


A few thoughts from last nights fights that I saw (Prelims and highlights of the main card).

Max Griffin vs dos Santos:

Fucking hell Griffin is one tough bastard. He was dancing around the canvas for the last minute of the first round having taken a couple of vicious 1-2’s and could barely stand. Somehow avoided the submission and the ref called time at the end of the round. The dude was out! Somehow… somehow he comes back and clocks dos Santos with a few bombs after hurting him in the first round. This leads to about 90 seconds of horrible ground and pound, which I though might swing the fight for Griffin, but dos Santos survived because they were both exhausted and dos Santos won in the 3rd. I thought it was all over… twice… fucking great fight, but I have no idea how they didn’t get fight of the night.

Gordon vs Dias:

Haven’t heard these names before, thought it would be just another canvas shuffle fight… fuck no! Gordon apparently used to be hooked on painkillers, then a heroin junky, then homeless and now fights for the UFC. Dude has been through the ringer and fucking looks like he doesn’t want to go anywhere! Constant pressure on Dias and barely gave him room to breath, let alone fight. Not massive strikes or anything, but just unrelenting.
Jose Aldo was in Dias’ corner and literally had to pick him up off the canvas at the end of the 2nd round after Gordon just played with his face like playdough with a mallet. Dias literally could not pick himself up off the canvas. The ref still let it go on. What. the. fuck.
3rd round, Dias manages a few takedowns, but Gordon somehow got back from all of them, got some more ground and pound, let a submission attempt go so as to pummel Dias some more and almost lost to an arm-bar. Gordons corner weren’t even giving direction any more, they were just letting him do his thing. Fair play to Dias for somehow going the distance, massive kudos to Gordon though for a great performance and deserved win.

Marshman vs Carlos Junior:

This could have been a great brawl as Marshman is one tough welsh bastard. Fun striker to watch. Nope, Junior got a few bombs in with his crazy reach, down to the mat and despite Marshmans best efforts to weather the submission attempts, lost to a RNC. Not exciting, but well done by Carlos Junior

Price vs Luque:

Luque took this fight on 11 days notice. 11 days. Luque beat the every living fuck out of Price (technically, rather than literally) like he was on holiday or something. This dude could be one to watch in the welterweight division.
Price was undefeated until now with some crazy fun striking fights, but after getting bloodied early in the 1st and taking a lot of punishment to his knee, his mobility was down and he couldn’t find the right distance at all to land some proper shots. Absolutely superb performance by Luque.

Now the highlights I saw of the Main Card…

Damian Maia vs Colby Covington:
I think it’s time that Damian either hangs up his gloves, or looks for better suited opponents. I like Maia, he’s always come across as a decent person, doesn’t talk trash and displays phenomenal BJJ… if he can get to the canvas. Covington just picked him apart, stuffed all the takedown attempts and pretty much just toyed with him.

Machida vs Brunson:
IN TIME!!! POW well, that was quick.
I think I have seen Machida in the past, but Brunson just steam-rolled him to a picture-perfect knockout. Some legends should really stay out after retirement. BJ Penn being a perfect example.


UFC 217, with Bisping and GSP is this weekend. Here’s the Embedded Vlogs;

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


Embedded Vlog 3:


Fuck me this is going to be one hell of a fight night! :open_mouth:


Fucking hell, phenomenal performances so far!

Bisping vs GSP is the last one.


Only just watched the 3rd round of Bisping and GSP. WHAT A FINISH!!


Paulo Costa is going to be a big name.

GSP’s superman jabs were awesome. He easily deserved that win, but I worry about his stamina in that weight division.


He certainly was breathing heavy, but that flurry of elbows, fuck me the speed of them! He’s so much bigger than he used to be, but he even said himself that going up to 185 was a challenge for himself. Superb fights the whole night.


Was impressed with Bisping ground defence in the 3rd, until GSP sold him that move to make him try and get to his knees.


He has always been good at that, especially takedown defense.


Anderson fucking Silva has failed an out-of-competition USADA drugs test! He’s been pulled from the UFC Shanghai card!

I was fucking looking forward to the fight with Kelvin Gastellum! :confused:


So, apparently GSP is massively into Palaeontology and was also a chess player when he was younger. Who’da thunk it?


UFC Shanghai Main card is just starting now!

Can’t watch it though, doing a load of work here :confused:




Seen that KO yesterday! Holy fuck! Though fair play to Bisping for taking the fight so close to his last one. Though those 2 defeats have got to affect his standing in UFC now.


FINALLY! Emil Meek is fighting this weekend.

Axiomfilms promo:

And then there is the whole clusterfuck of the lightweight division… Khabib… Tony… Conor…

Conor better fucking step up to the plate and throw down instead of talking shite. He could retire and live like a king for the rest of his days, but I really want to see him back in the Octagon, not promoting fucking Louis Vuitton.


I think we all can agree on that. He’s gone from being funny to being a fucking nightmare. Letting it all go to his head now imho