Unreal Gold free on steam right now to celebrate unreal's 20th anniversary!

Right now you can pick up Unreal Gold for free on steam.

If you have never played unreal you should! I played this back in the day and it really was WAY ahead of its time graphically back then when compared with other shooters of the time,I have fond memories running this using 3DFX glide drivers on my voodoo 1 card and then I played it again with a voodoo 2 card!

The music in this game is fantastic and I think I need to play this again with the Old Unreal patch: https://www.oldunreal.com/oldunrealpatches.html

I have the original game on CD but I’m adding this one to my steam library :slight_smile:

GOG tipped me off about this in an email this morning :smiley:


Thx for that cheddles.

Same as you…i love this game and i had a Gforce 2 Ultra with the sliders and yeah this game was way ahead of anything else then.

I think I had a riva TNT or something when I was playing this. Good times.

ahhhh Voodoo cards… Introduced mip-mapping. Textures that stayed visible and scaled as you approached them and not just pixelate into oblivion.

There’ll be kids today who didn’t know what we went through. You just don’t know man, you weren’t there…

– edit –

Just looked at the Steam page… all the screenshots are in 4:3 - My god, how did with manage with 14" square CRT monitors?