Upcoming Games - 2018

Welcome to our massive roundup of new games coming out in 2018! Thousands of games come out every year on PC these days, and if we mentioned them all this feature would be the size of War and Peace. Instead we’ve focused on a couple of hundred entries, loosely categorised by genre so you can find new games you’re interested in a little easier.

15 pages of games and Youtubes where possible


Like the looks of Hunt:Showdown. Res Evil/DayZ meets the wild west & GTFO looks like some good coop fun

One game I was looking forward to is Dragon Ball FighterZ released next week. I’m not particularly good at fighter games but I enjoy playing them. Up to now it looks fantastic, very cinematic and solid fighter mechanics.

The video is a nice mixture of story mode and some arcade gameplay. I’m watching some DB Super over this week to catch up with some of the newer characters.