Upgrade For St00kz

Hey Guys. Need a bit of help as not too sure what to do here.

I potentially have about 800 to 1k to spend on upgrades. I need a board, chip, ram and poss a GPU (but could leave that one). Ive had a quick look around but not knowing if to stick with Intel or to go AMD route.

Any of you bods more in the know have any ideas and what i could get?

I’m just going to say that availability is shit at the moment, pricing on a lot of stuff is a reflexion of this. What is your current setup?

Yeah i know it is at the moment but was just weighing up on ideas of you guys.

That i can remember it an I7 4 series i think with 32Meg ram on a Asus Hero 7 or 8 board and a GTX970.
It still runs everything i need to play on it so its not a must get upgrade but this money has to be spent on me puter :smiley:

Availability is the issue at the moment.

I know not really helpful…
Now if you want to get really specific with the hardware then you will have to do your own research. I do recommend the MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi as it most likely has the best VRM in the price category(210 pund ish).

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I’m in same boat. Got money to spend but cant bloody spend it!

I’m looking at 5600x and b550 board probably.


AMD is where the value and performance is at the moment. If you can get it. Id still maybe consider Nvidia card. But may have to wait on that.

I was chatting wtih @n0tch about this other week. Was thinking of getting a Micro ATX version of the board. Im never going to use the extra PCI lanes. So as long as it fits the gfx card then save a few quid. I am unlikely to overclock too.Right now could probably get a 3600CPU and B550 MOBO for around £300.

That would leave you plenty room for a couple of future options. Upgrade to new ZEN 3 chips later next year as the MOBO will be compatable. Leaves you 500 or so for ram! plenteh! And maybe throw in an M2 Drive. Then anything saved, put towards new GFX card when the dust settles a bit and you can get one!

Some food for thought. Anyway. But for sure AMD is where its at.

The next round of Intel chips have started to leak on benchmarks. And at the moment woefully sitll behind, although it is thought early engineering samples without fine tuning.


I’d say definitely invest in an M2 ssd for the OS (& maybe a game or 2 if you go for a decent size) For me the 5 second boot up speed is more than enough to justify the purchase.

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So, what do we think of the below?




I have M.2’s here at work that i can use and have use of a 1080TI or a 2080TI so no need to get those bits

How about replacing the mobo with a X570 board… https://www.scan.co.uk/products/msi-mag-x570-tomahawk-wifi-amd-x570-am4-ddr4-pcie-40-2x-m2-crossfire-25gbe-ax-bt51-usb-32-gen2-aplus

Hmmmm…much difference between them BL?

For the price difference probably not a bad shout. But personally I prefer the Asus board. Don’t know ins and outs though to be honest.

I’ll admit I’m a huge MSi fanboi had 2 MSi GPUs & MOBOs now (current & last PC) & never had an issue, plus they always get very good reviews on Hexus. Looking at doing a little upgrade next year possibly with GPU & ram, GPU wise going from the 1070 to a 3080 or maybe the new AMD & ram from 16GB 2400 to 32GB 3600 (only got 2400 as 8GB was bundled with MOBO). GPU will be MSi & will stick with Corsair for the ram.

Price seems to be about a tenner.
Actual differences:

Just to note that the VRM is good on that tomahawk board. Gamers nexus has a video with buildzoid talking about the different boards.
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Between those 2 specific motherboards, the only advantage that £10 gets you is a PCIE Gen 4 x16 slot running at x4. X570 is not automatically better than B550.

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Have a look at this:

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Did you build your system yet @st00kz? My CPU arrived today, MOBO is on way. Just wondering how you getting on with the RAM if you did?

I did have it up and running for a bit. Was doing all the updates on the os and installing stuff. Went to restart the machine and the board wouldn’t post again. Just one of those things so waiting for a new one to arrive.
Memory was working good. Set it to 3200 and all was good. Didn’t have time to really test it out but all seemed to be OK…unril the board decided to give up the ghost lol


Oh that is reassuring!. Hope I dont get a duff one!

Lol it can happen with anything just I got the bad one so you don’t :slight_smile: