Upgrade time?

I’m debating an upgrade for this year and I pretty much settled on a Ryzen 3700X, possibly going back to a MSI (maybe a Gigabyte again) motherboard and a “downgrade” of my screen. Not all at the same time though.

I was thinking of downgrading from a 4k@60Hz to a 2k high refresh rate screen (LG 27GL850), I really like the 120Hz on my laptop. I wanna keep my wc 1080Ti but maybe get a new gpu next year. My main goal is to play Cyberpunk and Doom this year, especially the prior.

I’m almost certain that I would need a new CPU, my 7700k with only 4 cores starts to show its age. Right now it is pretty adequate for what I play but I start to see 90% usage far more frequently whereas the gpu should have lots of horsepower for 2k, depending on the title.

Now I’m in a pickle, I kinda wanna play with the new Ryzen (some simulation for work, some CAD, some games :stuck_out_tongue: ) and either sell the old CPU+Mobo and waterblock or maybe use it for work. If I get a good price I would definitely sell it though. I’m also aware that the downgrade to 2K would be a far more sensible one to do first. The question is both deals aren’t amazing, either screen or new CPU+Motherboard are okish but not great.

I could in theory just wait, so I need some word of advice and reason. I sort of expect the prices to drop a bit more, especially for the monitor and motherboard.

As always, if you need it then buy it. If you don’t need it then wait. I think you would be better off waiting on the screen upgrade/downgrade and get the mobo and CPU first. BTW sweet spot for the current gen ryzen for memory speed seems to be 3600 so you should be taking that in to consideration. @fl3xxxo might be best placed to assist with research as he just upgraded.

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I’m gonna use my old memory, they are 2 pretty standard Corsair Dominator modules from around 3 years ago so they should work fine. Gonna look up what speed they were actually running at and check the compatibility chart.

I’m leaning towards the CPU+Mobo too but mostly for convenience. As its a watercooled rig it would take me some time to change the loop, but getting the old one set up again costs time as well.

Well look at this before you make any purchases…

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I did my research already :smiley: , watched all GamersNexus reviews and a few other videos on x570 boards. My contenders so far are the MSI MEG Unify, and Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra or Elite. The MSI has a few features I like more, like the USB-C but the Elite is dirt “cheap”.

I like the Gigabyte Master too but man the price is harsh.

Ahh you have spent the hours on it then. Its that question again where you are looking to see what features and how much. I went with minimum features, good VRM and cheap last time.

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Well I had them running in the background mostly, so far watched all 3 of his x570 board compassion. In general they all seem rather similar, VRMs aren’t an issue for my Ryzen choice as OC is barely doable anyway.

The problem is mainly the USB-C, and/or Thunderbolt 3. The latter is almost impossible to get for a reasonable price (500Euro for MSI or ASRock Creator board) but USB-C is at least an option.

I think I’ll wait another month … I’m in no rush so far but I might order them one at a time if I see a good deal. The universal EK waterblock for example is on sale right now :smiley:

I think there might be some PCIE cards that have the thunderbolt connection.

The Asrock X570 Taichi has a Thunderbolt 3 AIC Header, but you will need the Thunderbolt 3 AIC R2.0 PCI card as well.